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    Default Hows the water in June

    My husband and I are coming down to CSS in June and wanted to know how the water is, is it warm, hot? How is the sand in the water...mushy, hard, rocky? We are so excited..if anyone else is going June 14-19th 2010 we will be there!!!

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    We went to CSA in June this past year. The water was great there. Warm and always crystal clear. I'm sure ocho rios is the same temp.

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    Default Thanks

    Thank you. What was the temp. like around that time? We are so excited first trip without my 7 year old in 7 yrs. YEAH!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Relaxing on the beach View Post
    . . . . How is the sand in the water...mushy, hard, rocky? . . . .
    We stayed at CSS in August 2009. We found the ocean floor to be rather mucky off of the main beach and rocky off of Sunset Beach.
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    Hey Pamela, what was the air temperature and humidity like last August? We will be at CSA this August and am curious how many pounds I will sweat off! Also, we are thinking of CSS in 2011 -- you don't happen to be a diver, do you? If so, curious about the facilities, crew and dive sites out of CSS. Thanks!

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    Thank you. I will know to bring water shoes.

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