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    Default CSS April 24 - 30

    My husband and I will be at CSS Sat April 24 to Fri April 30. We went to Negril in April 2009 and met a couple from Kingston who suggested CSS to us. We had such a fantastic get-away-from-it-all last year in Jamaica and I am SO looking forward to this vacay too! This is kinda like a second honeymoon for us


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    Hi KruznSusan, my hubby and I will be there from April 20 - May 1. Looking forward to the sunshine and meeting new people. We will be celebrating our 5 yr anniversary so it will knd of be a second honeymoon for us also. Have visited CTI in the past so CSS is new to us also.

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    Mike and Bonnie Paadise

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    Mike and Bonnie, we look forward to meeting you!
    I think that I noticed that you two will be on SSB (a/n) most of the time. While I am not quite ready for that (am of the mind set but not the right body type), I hope that we get to spend some evening or rec time with y'all.

    We are from Louisiana and spent our honeymoon in Negril last year. We have booked a PH and are looking forward to the views.


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    Hey don't worry about body type, our pic doesn't lie. There are all types of bodies there. But, as they say no worries and no preasure all is good. Waiting impatiently right now to get down there and meet up with old friends and make new ones.

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    We will be at CSS April 29th thru May 5th. Hope to see you all there. It is our first time and we are really looking forward to it.

    Carol and Alan

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    Hi Kruz N Susan

    My husband and I will be there April 29th - May 2nd ... First time to Jamaica .. and first time to AN beach as well .. Looking forward to meeting new people =)

    Hi Bonz & CeSeaside ! I responded to posts of yours too .. And I have sent friends requests. In the past I talked to people on msg boards and then when we get there (cancun) .. we dont actually "look for them" or dont know who we are looking for !! haha !! nice that Bonz has a pic .. maybe I'll get around to uploading one soon. Do any of you plan to do excursions? I read about the Luminous Lagoon it looks pretty amazing .. and I guess Dunns River is included in our stay? does anyone plan to do that?

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    I have not uploaded any photos of us, need to. Will do soon. We are getting really excited. I ahve not ready about Luminous Lagoon, but will. Dunns River is included in our stay, not sure if we are going to do that this trip.

    We are from Atlanta. How about you guys?


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    Hey Ceaside we are from Webster, MA.

    Hey Littlewifey, we are looking forward to meeting everyone. It is fun to be able to talk in person. See you bothe in about 35 days or so.


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    We are from Kentucky, Dunns River is included in our stay too .. It would be nice if we could all plan to do an excursion at the same time .. I'm at work right now (sneakin on the net haha) So I can't really look at our itineraries and decide when we will be doing the Dunns river. the luminous lagoon site is called glistening waters ... not sure about tour prices. I've sent a couple emails and not recieved a response yet. Looking foward to Meeting you !

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    Hey littlewifey, we would do an excursion with you but as we will only have one day at the resort together as we leave on the first of May we don't think it will fit in. We would be honored to meet up with you and your hubby for the short time we have together though. looking forward to meeting you all.

    Bonnie and Mike

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    these message boards are baffeling me a little... not used to using them. And I forget to visit them often enough .. I'm on facebook .. do have facebook? We dont have pictures posted on here... so we won't know who we are looking for.. ( I had a similar problem with cancun message boards before our trip there last year) I became a fan of couples from this site .. "Chief Romance Officer" is who it takes you to.. he answers lots of questions. Its a nice page. If you have facebook ... find me on there =) Robin Williams. I'm the one asking all the questions about CSS !!

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