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    Default First timers @CSS April 5, 2010

    This will be our first time at a Couples resort. We have done Breezes and really liked it. We will be meeting up with friends who told us we are going to be so spoiled. I just want to lay on the beach and take in the sun.

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    We have never been to any resort in Jamaica except Couples but we can tell you from having been to CSS twice before, with another coming up in April, that you are going to love it there!! The staff at CSS will spoil you to the point you will not want to leave. The beautiful private beaches along with the romantic tropical paradise are going to have you calling CSS home. When it comes time to leave you'll be eagerly anticipating your next return.

    Welcome to the Couples family!
    Bart & Bug

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    It will be our first time to Jamaica and couples in April...We are meeting friends there as well, but are looking forward to meeting more people when there! We plan on taking in the sun and enjoying many cocktails at the numerous bars...That's our game plan at least...Any partiers out there??

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    It will be our first time at CSS April 6-11. We definitely plan on enjoying those cocktails as well!! I'm so excited I'm counting down the days....

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    Default Countdown is on!

    Our countdown is on.... 6 weeks to Paradise! It is our first time to Jamaica, my husband and I, and i'm giddy everyday just thinking of it... Looking forward to meeting you all, cool drinks, hot sun, and lots of beach...

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    It's is our slightly late first anniversary return home April 4 - 11!! Can't wait to return home to all of our family at css in 39 more sleeps. For all of you traveling on the 5th of April is kite day maybe a little more time to hit resort

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    Our first time to CSS as well. There from Arp.2-16 for our honeymoon. Can't wait only 5weeks to go.

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    Count us in too! 4/6 - 4/13 First time for us, we are so excited.

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    for all of the first timers to CSS, I have a bunch of photos from our last two trips if you would like to get a really good look at the wonderful paradise that is CSS. For all you returning couples, they should bring back many wonderful memories.
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

    Admin - Couples Resorts Photos - flickr group
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    Hey Jeff, thanks for posting the link to the pictures.

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    Can anyone tell me about the Delux ocean view suite?

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