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    Default Christmas in Jamaica 2010

    All I want for Christmas is my beautiful white 7 mile beach, frozen tropical rum cocktails, blue green ocean and bright sunshine and the most wonderful people and staff in the world to share our Holiday with ! 70 days to go and the waiting is becoming nerve wracking! Anyone else going to be there ? Our dates r 12/18- 12/26..........hope to see you !
    Helen & Paul

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    WOW! Final payment made! Now time to start packing, esp. some x-mas decorations. The excitement is building now and can't stay away from this message board to somehow feel closer to our destination and a cold Red Stripe to begin our next journey in "Paridise" !
    Hope to enjoy the Holiday with many of you who will also be there for Christmas! See ya on the beach c drink in hand! :-)

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    Hi will be here also on Christmas, hope to meet alot of folks....Happy Hoildays

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    so jealous! We will hopefully be there Christmas 2011. We got married at CSAA 09/04/10 and Jamaica is truly our magical happy place

    Jen & Ian

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    Default 40 days and counting!

    It seems like the clock has stopped ticking - the days creep by. Can't wait to head to the airport, so to Jamaica we can fly!

    Dave and I will be home at CSA Dec 22nd thru the 30th! hope to meet new friends and old.

    "...everything, but snow!"

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Helen and Paul, have a great trip and a very happy holiday. we miss you folks in April.


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    Hi everyone,
    My fiance (soon to be husband) will be at CSA from dec 24-30. Does anyone know if anything special goes on for christmas?

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    Default Wedding

    Hi everybody We are coming 11/12-25/12. Also we are going to marry. Hope to meet young marring couples as well.

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    Hi everybody. we are coming 11/12-25/12. Also 16 of December going to marry We hope to meet fun young couples to spend good time

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    getting too excited now, the waiting is nerve wracking, only 22 and a wake up till we leave for Miami for our sleepover with an early flight to MBJ by 11:15 a.m., Tim Air to Negril and we should hope to be on the beach with drink in hand by 1:30 p.m. if all goes well! Already stocked up on Red Stripe to "get in taste"!!
    Hope to meet up with new friends at Sunset bar!(our pic is somewhere in the December 2010 link-Helen & Paul)

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    My wife Chris and I will be at CSA from 12-15 to 12-26. This will be our fourth Christmas at a Couples resort, 3rd time at CSA. We are so excited and cannot wait for the 15th to arrive!

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    Weather here in Florida getting way too cold! 39 degrees and going down to 24 tonight! 11 and a wake up and we'll be back "home" again! I feel like I am just going through the motions here at home, cause my heart is already there!
    See ya on the Beach!!!!

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    Our first official visit to CSA is 12/18-12/26 - looking forward to meeting people! We 'discovered' CSA last Christmas while staying up the beach at the Riu Palace and CSA blew us away when we popped down for a visit to the resort and gym. Wow! Counting the sleeps till we're there!

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    Hey Blondie, where are you in FLA? We are in FWB. Had the same temps, that is why I ask. We will be there for our first trip 24 thru 1st. CAN NOT HARDLY WAIT!!!!!

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    Dec 19-26/10 Christmas time on the Beach! Just got done shovelling 2 days worth of snow! Need my Beach time! And quality time with my wife at CSA!

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