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Thread: December 2010

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    Just returned from another trip courtesy of Uncle Sam. I managed to complete the December list but still need dates for:

    Tammy & Ed (Tammye)
    Tom & Jill (csa-vet) Burlington Iowa
    Jackie & Steve (Jacqueline) getting married on the 16th

    Please check the list for any mistakes, omissions etc... and I'll correct it as aoon as I can. I will start to add pictures soon but due to size limitations that spreadsheet will have to be individually emailed.

    210 days and counting

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Thanks for doing a great job again Mike, only thing to change on our info is we still get on Dec 3 but had to leave on Dec 13 so we cut back a day. Jim and Ona from Omaha are going December 3 to 10. Looks like you are getting in the 11th hope to see you and Monica again at the repeaters dinner that night. Judi and I are heading to the airport and will be in CSS tomorrow morning. Have a great day, Larry

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    Tom and Jill = Dec. 3-11

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    Great job Mike and Monica!! We hope to meet you two at CSA in December!!

    Nursejenny - looking forward to meeting you two. We will be at CSA 12/12 - 12/24.

    Wonder if we could start a photo thread for December 2010 meet up?

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    Hi Mike & Monica. We are headed to CSA a little bit earlier than normal this year. Our oldest daughter is getting married on Nov. 20th so our Thanksgiving trip to Puerto Vallarta is canceled. Instead we are headed to CSA Nov. 26th thru December 3rd.

    We once again will miss Tom & Jill (csa-vet). We missed them in March, too.

    Thanks for the spreadsheet--Scot & Suzanne

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    Helen & Paul 12/18-26
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    Mike & Monica, thanks so much for creating this spreadsheet. Looking forward to meeting everyone that will be there at the same time as us. Finally through the 200 day countdown barrier!

    Karen & Paul
    Cincinnati, OH

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    I'm trying this again!
    Helen & Paul
    Ocala, Fl 12/18-26

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    Greg surprised me with an additional trip to CSA this year! For all my "holiday" gifts he is taking us to CSA 12/24-1/2/11 in addition to 12/3-12/11!!! Tom and Jill--glad we'll be at CSA same week this December. Greg said he'd save you a spot in the pool!

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    As of today we can be added to the December CSA list.
    Nicole & Darrell - Las Vegas (4th to CSA, 1st (upcoming in June) to CTI).
    We are staying Dec 3rd to 11th. Going to try again to do the Reggae marathon since I got sidetracked in training last year...

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    Default Can't wait to get back!

    The clock is at 189 days til December 3. We just returned from a week at CSS and are now on full focus for next December.

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    Dari - Don't tell anyone but we are occasionally using the pool at the great house. Go Figure! See you in Dec.

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    Dave and I will be back for our third CSA vaca Dec 22-30. Christmas in Jamaica!!!

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    Exactly 6 months as of today... we are so looking forward to going back to CSA. We have been talking about it since we left the last time in '06. Hoping to get to know some of you dudes & dudettes before the trip. My wife (Norma) & I (David) will be there from 12/4-12/11, covering my B-Day on the 5th. My buddy & his wife (Jeff & Felicia) should be there the same week, although they are currently concerned about the violence going on in Kingston.

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    Hello everyone,

    Username: AlphaOmega
    Names: Ben and Tammy
    Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area, California
    Date of CSA trip: December 11 - 18
    Frequency of trips to CSA: first time

    After extensive research, we booked at CSA. We'll be there to celebrate a December birthday and our delayed honeymoon (December 2010 marks 15 months of newlywed bliss)!

    Mike & Monica (MikeMonica), please add us to the December 2010 list.
    Jackie & Steve (Jacqueline), CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming nuptials!

    - AlphaOmega

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    well, down to 184 wake ups!!! All I want for Christmas is my CSA!!!!

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    Is it December yet????
    It's hot here in Alabama, been in the high 90's, low 100's for the past couple of days. We went to Panama City Beach on 13 June to cool off and were pleasantly surprised to find that there wasn't any trace of the oil spill. The locals are having a rough time since most people are cancelling their summer plans to the Florida Panhandle.

    Here's the latest list. Put your photos on the message board and I'll add them to the list.

    179 days and counting!

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Helen & Paul Here from Ocala, counting the days!!!!
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    Default sorry guys, wrong picture!!

    THIS is Helen & Pauli!!
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    Default AlphaOmega aka

    AlphaOmega also known as Ben and Tammy
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    Less than 6 more months to CSA, white sandy beach and heaven.

    We are Jim and Flo (Tallahasse, FL) and we will be at CSA 12/12 through 12/24/10. Looking forward to seeing everyone!!
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    Looks like we are down to 149 days!!!

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    Hello everyone! We will be back at CSA this year as well. December 10th-19th 2010. I look forward to seeing old and new friends!!!

    Kisha & Manny

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    Hi Everyone! We are Byron and Nikita and we'll be at CSA Dec. 3-8th for the Reggae Marathon! Soooooo Excited!

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    After a lot of debating back and forth, Judi and I have made some adjustments in our December trip to CSA!!! We are going 7 days instead of 11 this year. We now will be at CSA from 12/03/2010 to 12/10/2010. MikeMonica please change our days. WE wll get into MoBay at 12:20 PM. We have purchased airline tickets already so this is final. See everybody in 132 dqys.

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