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Thread: December 2010

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    First trip to CSA, Dec 19-Dec 26. We did CN Dec 2009 and loved it! Hope to get the same warm and fuzzies at CSA for Dec/Christmas 2010!
    Clint & Shauna, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada!!

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    Just booked today! We are actually going to participate in the Reggae Marathon (1/2 marathon). Does anyone know when the info will be up for us to register for it? I have been looking but it doesn't say on the website

    Kevin & Angie Newton
    12/2-12/11 2010
    4th time to Couples/CSA
    1st time Reggae Marathoners (1/2 marathon)

    Can't wait!

    Kevin & Angie

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    Just booked our 2nd trip today~!! Really excited and can't wait!! Dec 4th- 11th !!! yay!!

    Melissa & Price

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    Phil & I will be returning to CSA (3rd time) in December 2010. Counting down..

    Phil & Jenny Hobbs
    Findlay, Ohio

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    It's snowing about everyday here in the mountains! Makes us more anxious to be in Jamaica, 111 days til our first trip to CSS, and 311 days til our fourth trip to CSA. Larry and Judi

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    Greg and Dari. We arrive Dec 3rd for 8 nights. This is one of many trips to CSA!!

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    Phil and I will be returning to CSA Dec. 12th-Dec 19th this year. We will be bringing my sister and her husband to CSA with us. This will be their first trip out of the country and I am sure they to will be hooked..We look forward to returning home in December!!

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    Hello Everyone,

    Looks like a few of us will be getting in on the same day December 3, we have not got airline tickets yet, but have been looking almost everyday at prices and schedules. Pretty sure we will fly out of Las Vegas on Delta through Atlanta. Last December we did a week in Florida before going to Jamaica and we may do that again, downside is having to go through the Miami airport on the return. It would be nice to have a non-stop from the west coast, maybe someday. Larry and Judi

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    We are going back for our 2nd time the week after Thanksgiving.
    11/27/10 to 12/5/10 Hope to meet some fun people while were there.

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    Greg and Dari - see you on Dec. 3. 2+ other couples joining us again.
    Tom and Jill

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    Will be there Dec 9-13 with 3 other couples. Two of us turning 40 while we are there. Have never been but are planning on having a great time.

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    RCO we'll see you there! Same dates as us. This will be our third trip to CSA and 4th to couples!!

    Umfan5... Yes indeed, you will have a great time.

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    Got our air booked! We will get in at 11:40 AM on December 3, 2010 Can't get here soon enough. MikeMonica are you here?

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    Bumping this back up!

    We are booking our honeymoon for Dec 11th - Dec 18th! First trip to Couples and to CSA.....can't wait!!! Wish we could go for longer but a week will do

    Looks like most people are going at the beginning or end of the month so far. We need to recruit some more middle-of-the-monthers!

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    I always think it's fun watching our month get closer to the top of the list! 260 days and counting...

    Karen & Paul

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spiff542 View Post
    RCO we'll see you there! Same dates as us. This will be our third trip to CSA and 4th to couples!!

    Umfan5... Yes indeed, you will have a great time.
    We are deciding between CSS and CSA for those same dates. Been to CSA 3 times now. Heavily leaning towards CSA right now, how can you beat perfection?

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    We will be there from Dec 10th to 18th...can't wait second visit and bringing my aunt and uncle..they'll be hooked too
    Last edited by Freddie15; March 23rd, 2010 at 06:16 PM.

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    We're going Dec 1-8 2010. we're first timers and cannot wait. Jamaica here we come!!!!
    Amber and Kelly
    St. Cloud, MN

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    We're going Dec 11-20. I Will be celebrating my 40th birthday while we're there.

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    We will be there 12/18-12/25. Celebrating my husband's 40th. Can't wait!!

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    ya mon! wayne and jan here, just got back from a week at swept away in march, just booked dec 2-9, bringing our neighbors along, shane and tammy, their 3rd visit, this will mark 30 times for us.

    imagine that, tom and jill - we will meet you on the beach at the same spot!
    soon come wayne and jan fischbach

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    30 times!!! Wow! We are counting the days (244) until December 03,2010. Just booked for December 2011 yesterday. A lot of snow here this week end in Ogden Valley makes us wish we were on the beach with a rum drink in hand.

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    Just booked Dec 13-18th - Carrie and Peter Johnson

    Zazu - I hear you - pretty cold here in Draper!

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    Default December 2010

    Hi Wayne and Jan! Yup we'll be in "our" section of the beach. You'd think after 30+ visits they'd rope off that small section for us veterans..........

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    after having a long visit with lee and his buddy stanley, every one knows stanley, i told them for us and other long time " repeaters" they really should do maybe just a little something extra for us. dont you think?
    i think i have enough t shirts that i could sell them back.
    good to know you guys will be there, its been a little while, i always like watching you take your "LONG" walks

    lol wayne

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