I was one of those "reluctant wifes" for a long time. My husband for years had been trying to get me to try a local nudist colony. I always refused. But after reading the message board before our first trip in 2008, I agreed, as said above, to try it for a short time. If I didn't like it we would leave, and he would not ask me again. Needless to say, I loved it, and was probably more ready to go again than he was. SSB at CSS is not really about nudity but more about freedom. Yes, I would probably be uncomfortable if there were people who came and did not follow the rules, and kept clothing on, but mostly because, I would then feel that they maybe were not over there for same reason, but probably to Gawk. You are still young, and the feelings will change as she becomes more comfortble with herself, you, and as your relationship matures.