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    Default Wish we were back...

    We had an absolutely wonderful week at Sans Souci. Came home Monday to DC and piles of snow. Today we are under blizzard conditions - oh, what we wouldn't give to be back "home" at Sans Souci. Thanks to all the staff who made us feel so welcome and spoiled us to our hearts' content!

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    Don't feel bad, if its any consolation I am really envious of you living in DC. I lived there for about 5 years, it took me about 5 years to get over it when we moved back to the UK. I really pined for it so much so that I did wonder whether I had made a mistake marrying my husband.

    I would swap you DC for the UK anytime.

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    vapesgster- How much snow do you have now? Boy, did you pick the best time to get away!!! Did you have to adjust to the sudden warmer weather at CSS?

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    Default Snow Report

    Yes, we did pick a good week to be in Jamaica. Guess we got about 42 inches of snow total with the last two storms. It wasn't hard to get used to the warm weather at Sans Souci! Just hard to get used to putting on layer after layer of clothing when we came back.

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