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    Default CSA - Make-Up and other Wedding Questions

    I am getting married at CSA May 14th at 10am and have many questions.

    1. I can not decide what to do about make-up. Has anyone had there make-up done at the salon at CSA? Did they do a good job? Do they go overboard with a lot of make up? I wear make-up everyday, but not a lot. I am looking for that same natural look, with a possibility of a little more. Nothing dramitic though since it is a beach wedding.
    If I decide to do my own make-up does anyone have any recommendations of what type and brand of foundation, eye liner, eye shadow, blush, etc. to use so I do not sweat the make-up away with the heat? I am thinking if the salon does not go overboard and does a good job it is better to spend the $35 there instead of buying about $35-$50 on make-up that will last in the heat.

    2. Does anyone have pictures of their bouquets? I am not sure I like the standard bouquet they offer and do not know if I want to make it myself and bring on plane, or buy an upgraded bouquet at the resort. If you have made your bouquet, do the airlines have a problem bringing them on board?

    3. Any requests for music during the ceremony? Also, how many songs do we need to supply.

    4. Has anyone done a 1st dance after their wedding and cake? It is most likely going to be just the 2 of us and I would love to have a 1st dance as husband and wife after the wedding, cake, and champagn. Should we just provide this song with the other wedding music and talk to the wedding coordinator about this?

    Any other advice and pictures of your weddings would be helpful! I love having all the advice and pictures to look at in helping us plan our wedding/honeymoon. If you want my email to send pictures more private let me know and I will provide that.
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