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    Default Need advice on CTI &CSS - please help

    My Husband & I have visited Jamaica the last two years. Both times we have stayed at CN and loved it. It feels like home. We figure this coming summer maybe the last time for a while that we will get to go back. So we thought to go for longer this time, maybe 10 days. That way we could spend half the time at CN (like going home) but also spend the other half of the time at a different resort just so we can experience another part of the island. We are considering either CTI or CSS. I could really use some imput as to which one is the best. What are the pros and cons of each place. How do the rooms compare? etc...Thank you for any help you can give me...

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    We also love CN....and CSS. CSS is a lot more like CN than CTI.

    CTI is basically a hotel (a beautiful hotel, but still a hotel). To get to a restaurant (except Bayside), you walk out of your room. down a hotel hallway with rooms on both sides, take the elevator down to the lobby, walk through the lobby, down another hallway and into your restaurant.

    CSS is living within nature like CN is, but with even more nature than CN has (if you can imagine that!). And I don't think that anyone will argue that CSS is the most romantic of the four Couples resorts.

    My advice: Go to CSS and take a Trading Places to CTI just to see if you like it. If you love CN, you will at least like CSS. Some people love CTI (as you will hear on this thread), but it wasn't for us.
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    Wally: You explained CSS/CTI perfectly. I totally agree with you. There is no doubt that CSS is the most romantic of the fours Couples resorts

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    I agree 100% with Wally. We had been to CN 3 times when we decided to try the other side of the island. We chose CTI because I had heard so much about the "Grand Lady". We found CTI to have a hotel feel to it and not a resort. There are not winding pathways to roam like there are at CN. We ended up switching over to CSS and loved the resort. There are several pathways hidden throughout the entire resort that are wonderful for strolls along the pathways with your love. The beach is nowhere as nice as CN, but if you are going to be able to spend 5 days also at CN, I think the beach will be just fine. We are headed back in 2011 and will spend a week at CSS and then head over to CN for a week. CSS is the cat's meow.

    I also like CSS's rooms better than CTI's. CSS's rooms are all suites with all day room service. It was really fun to order a bottle of champagne to the room to drink while we were getting ready for dinner. The final night we were there we ordered room service and enjoyed a romantic dinner on our balcony before we started packing. CSS is very special. And the resort is so spread out and there are very few guests that you feel like you have the place to yourself. The beach was never crowded nor were the restaurants. Several times at CTI we had problems finding a table for meals.
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    or if you are in building 4 or 5, walk down the stairs or take the elevator and go outside to walk a path back to the lobby for the Verandah or 8 Rivers or continue your walk on the ocean side of the resort to Bayside which sits out over the water.

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    I have to agree with Vicky. At CTI we were on the 4th floor in building 4 and always took the stairs to the Lobby or outside to the beach or spa area. We never used the elevator. To each his own. We like all the Couples resorts. We like that they are not "cooky cutter" resorts like some of the chains in Mexico. Each one has it's own charm. Enjoy your stay whatever you decide.

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