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    Default Shout out to tommywommy

    While we didn't have a chance to dig our camera out, I specifically gave Ava an extra hug, and I told her it was from you. She was very happy. We told her we loved her, and as usual, she said, "I love you more!" Sun_princess

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    Aww..Sun-princess..Isn't Ava just a real doll?..She does such an outstanding job greeting the guests of Couples at the Couples airport lounge.

    AND..I thank you so much for giving Ava a hug for me.


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    Tommy, we were at CSS last week for the first time and upon meeting Pierre Battaglia I asked him if he'd received lots of hugs as you'd asked that people who met him do so...he said he'd had a few. What a nice fellow, we encountered him on several occasions wandering around the resort, making sure things were as they should be!

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    Tommywommy, it was definitely my pleasure to hug Ava for you. We love her and miss being able to see her every day we are here. I love hugs and the energy I get from them. Hug-on, my brother, hug-on!!Sun_princess

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