We are here finally!! The computers are many, large screens and very fast. Whoosh!!

After begging for bathrobes for the past 8 years, regardless of your room grade, they have complied. You will be happy to know that everyone now gets bathrobes. YAY!

It is beautiful. Open, super-clean, light colors and pretty lighting.

There are now rollers on the dresser drawers so no more humid, sticky drawers. Easy slide.

Ava was such a lovely sight to see at the Couples Lounge at the airport. Very short wait to get on the bus and "go home". The ride is still kinda long (almost 2 hours) but easy travel.

Captain Kirk and Byron were in the lobby and happy to see us as we pulled in. How great it is to see them as well!

The workout room is very nice. Plenty of equipment. Four treadmills (although one is currently out-of-order), four eliptical machines, bikes, several specific weight stations and free weights. There is a television in there also.

The bathrooms throughout are all new, lovely, and the toilet seats are positioned higher so you don't have to sit so far down. Easy on, easy off!

For now, lastly, remember to use the sleeper/timer on your remote control.

More later. Looks like a beautiful day. We've seen our man Delroy and can't wait to spend the day doin nuthin.

Nuff said...