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    Default Second guessing??!!

    we booked five nights at cti for our honeymoon in sept. we chose that resort because of the extras (catamaran cruise and especially horseback riding) and because of the night life (were young)

    but ive been looking at the pictures and it seems as if CSA has more of a romantic a huge ocean lover and my fiance has never seen the ocean, i want him to see its greatness.

    so if you have any tips or insight just let me know!

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    We were at CTI in November for our honeymoon (we're 25 and 27) and LOVED it. It was very relaxing. We didn't do the Cat Cruise or the horseback riding, but did do Dunn's River Falls, which I would recommend, and a Zipline tour with Chukka. I thought there was a romantic feel, but I understand what you're saying about CSA, as that is the one I want to visit next time. Not that we wouldn't go back to CTI, because we would, I just want to go to Negril and experience the beautiful sunsets. No matter what resort you go to, I think you'll love it!!

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    As people will tell you on this board if CTI was "calling to you" in the 1st place then CTI is where you belong.

    I have only been to CTI before the renovations and my wife & I had one of the best,romantic vacation we have ever taken. You can party until the the sun rises if you want or just enjoy each others company.

    The cat cruise was fun, margarita ville was ok but still fun(we arrived that day so I was bit tired), the shopping trip in town was nice and you got to see more of Ocho Rio. Didn't horseback ride but will be this coming May.

    The best part of CTI was the people both staff and guests. The staff was great, always a smile. And the other guest are there in the same frame of mind as you...romance.

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    Not sure if you can get horseback riding at CSA, but as far as beachs go CSA has one of the best (I am partial to CN). As for nightlife, you will find that at all of the resorts and quite honestly it also depends on how much you want to get involved and the people around you. So you will find nightlife at CSA as well. I don't think age really matters, you will find people of all ages at all of the resorts. So it comes down to which one calls out to your heart. If if it was CTI, then go to CTI. You will have wonderful veiws of the ocean and your soon to be husband will be able to appreciate the vastness of it from CTI.

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    Your choice will be great either way I have never been to that side of the Island and only can speak from experience of CSA. It is romantic and it is also fun wheter you are young or old. The vacation/ honeymoon is what you make of it. Do not second guess yourself as I am sure you weighed the +/- and that is why you choose CTI... You will be fine, Jamaica is truely special.

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    If the beach is important, then switch to CSA. It is on the best stretch of beach on Jamaica.

    If ocean view is what you are after, I think CTI will work. Most rooms have an ocean view.

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    I dont know if this will help, but we are travelling in a few weeks with my college age son and his girlfriend (20). They are obviously young too, they have had a busy term at school and both work part time. So, they are looking for some time together, a relaxing break, but a little fun too. We suggested the 4 couples resorts, and let them choose which one we would visit this year. They picked CTI out of the 4. I think you'll have a great time!

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    You will LOVE CTI!! No worries!
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    If the beach is that important to you the Negril Beaches are incredible in comparison to Ocho Rios.

    Things you are giving up by switching are Horseback Riding, Dunns River, an AN option, and a newly rennovated resort.

    Things you are gaining, is the location on 7 Mile Beach, with the abilility to walk to clubs, restaurants, possiblity to go check out Rick's Cafe and the cliffs. More dining choices.

    You can second guess till you are blue in the face, trust me. I have done This is your honeymoon, you have to have a good feeling about it. Sit down with your fiance, look at all the pictures and do all the 360 views. The rooms on this website are indeed how the rooms look in person. Look at all the inclusions (CTI does have the most) and talk about which ones are really important to you, discuss how important the beach is. Go to Tripadvisor, and view all the traveller photo's there. Decide together.

    Congratulations, and honestly, you can't make a bad decision here, so take some pressure off, and make it fun deciding.

    Happy Travels!

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    We've only been to CN and CTI, and LOVE both.

    But for you, it sounds like CSA is callin'. GO WITH IT!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pamela View Post

    This board is moderated, meaning that posts don't appear on the Message Board until approved by a moderator. There's no need to post the same question repeatedly, and I notice that this is the third time you've posted this exact question in a 3.5 hours period. Patience. It will show up.
    Clearly you are a very experienced Couples Traveller with valuable information to share, and although I have no doubt that your intentions are good, perhaps you could...well, lighten up a little! So what if this thread has been posted more then once... is it really necessary to point out the detail of how many times and in what time span as part of your response? Sure it may be helpful to know about the moderator and approval process, but perhaps a more gentler response would be better received.

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    Default I hear ya!

    My husband and I recently booked our first trip to a Couples resort for this coming April. After HOURS of time on TA and this message board we decided to do a week at CN and a week at CSA...but CTI was always in the running. Everyone kept saying to "go to the one that calls you" and I just couldn't scratch either CN or CSA off the list...which meant CTI was off the list! I can truly say however that there have been several times since booking that I've thought "do you think we did the right thing?". The reason...they all look beautiful and this message board is full of wonderful stories and experiences at each how can I not flip flop myself? I understand you want your honeymoon to be perfect...and it will be, no matter which resort you go to. At the end of the day, your first instinct was CTI...and there was likely a reason. So go, enjoy, and have a fabulous time...

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    Don't worry about booking at CTI me and my wife just got back last week and that's all we can talk about is when are we going back. We stayed at CTI and it was absolutely wonderful you will enjoyed being waited on hand and foot. Definitely do the Catamaran Cruise and Dunns River. Do not worry MON you will be in Jamaica no problem mon as they say.....ENJOY it will a trip of a lifetime... Andy

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    You will LOVE CTI...I promise

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    My fiance and I have our wedding day set in Sept. and will be at CTI 9/13 for 7 days. Cant wait to go ! Maybe we will run into you there.

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