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    I never posted but I read this board quite a bit before visiting CTI for the first time 1-29 to 2-4 of 2010 and thought that I would share the review that I posted on Tripadvisor. Please nobody get mad at me for the two VERY MINOR negatives that I listed. I firmly believe that no resort is perfect. To all of you who have never been here however, this place comes damn close!! And sorry I had to compliment the Miller Light, I gave Red Stripe a try, just did not care for it and KUDOS to CTI for giving the few like me another option!! We will be back next year for sure!!!!! Here it is, short and sweet..

    We stayed 7 nights at CTI in Jan Feb. Had a garden view Jr suite. HUGE room with a HUGE balcony on the top floor. Stand up shower and whirlpool tub in a room that was separate from the bedroom/living room. Staff kept the room very clean. This place more than exceeded our expectations. The staff at this place is WONDERFUL. They know your name after the first time they meet you. Many dining options, we did not eat at the fancy restaurants as the menu did not appear to be our cup of tea. The quality of the food on the buffet is very high. The entrees change nightly, we did not have the same thing all week. The bars have top shelf alcohol and they will make the drinks as strong or weak as you want them. How many all inclusive places are there where you can get a martini made with Grey Goose vodka? They even have Miller Light which for someone like me who does not like import beers was wonderful. There is entertainment every night if you choose to go or you can socialize at the bar, which is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people. There are many off resort excursions which are inlcuded. These are also wonderful, just beware of the pushy locals. Since I believe that no place is perfect I will list the two things that I think the management could improve. Let me emphasize, this place is wonderful, no place is perfect.
    1- They keep the grounds immaculate and that is good but people stay up late socializing and want to sleep in a little. Someone starts a very loud leaf blower at 7am every morning and it stays on for an hour.
    2- Keep the vendors delivering the DVDs from Dunns River Falls in the lobby. We had said no at the falls and the guy found us on the beach and was very pushy again.

    Aside from those two small things, this place is WONDERFUL.

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    Default Good, Fair Review

    Ericw......I think that is a wonderful, fair review. You're right, no place is perfect and both of those two issues should be pretty easily correctable and would seem to be a problem....on a vacation where you are spending evening time romancing with your love, you really don't want to get up at 7am. That does seem a tad early to be running loud equipment. The problem with the vendor on the beach is a bigger issue. I've not been to CTI but looked at it and one of the attractions is NO vendors on the beach.....only guests and staff. I'm sure that can be easily addressed though.

    Glad you had a great time and enjoyed yourself.

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    Thanks for the review!! It sounds great, I can't wait. Will be there in May for our Honeymoon =)

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    Outstanding and honest review. We are also from the no resort or vacation is perfect school of objectivity. There are always going to be issues here and there. That's life. So glad to know you otherwise had a fantabulous vacation.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    EricW..I have just found your thread and review on CTI.I loved your very honest review and really enjoyed reading it.

    My wife Peggy and I first went to CN then CSS and finally in 2009 we tried CTI..We,like you,found CTI to be an outstanding resort with am awesome staff...We sure to return to CTI one day.

    CTI..Couples Tower Isle...Where guests are family

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