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    Default Scuba diving at CN

    We will be at CN March 14th through the 21st. We love to scuba dive and hope there will be others who want to night dive. They will only go out if 4 people sign up. If anyone has been there recently are Craig, Sugar, Richard and Alain still there? Hope to meet new diving friends!

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    Hi Kaityogill --

    We were there at Christmas... All of the guys are still there. Craig, Sugar & Richard alternate instructing courses & DM duties. Our dear Ashrayn (Shrek) is now on the boat with Alain also.

    We did one night dive and they split the group into OW and AOW. Saw a great octopus and a flying gurnard - my first gurnard on a night dive, but I didn't get good video of it. And we saw the dolphins again -- we love to see them in their natural habitat.

    Please tell our dive family HI from Mike & Linda Matthews...

    Happy diving!


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    We'll be there March 12 -21. The night dive last year was one of the highlights, add 2 divers to the list.

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    how do you sign up for dives? do i need to be there or can i do it before arriving?? just wondering if dives close due to reaching capacity.... thanks

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    No worries. Sign up is at the dive shack - stop as soon as you can once you get there to get the first dive in. Then, simply sign up for the next dive after you finish a dive. Last step (after that last dive of the day) - insert Red Stripe in hand

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    Hey Iowa Fan! Where are you from? We are from the Quad Cities. Can't wait to dive again! We want to night dive a lot! We have aready emailed to start nagging for a night dive the 14th when we get there. We fly from Chicago, race through customs, take a flight to Negril and we can make the 1:30 dive!

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    Mike and Linda, Did you can any must share pictures this time? We got a new camera and can't wait to try it out!

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    Default Photos & Video

    Hi Kaityogill -- as a matter of fact, we Just recreated our shutterfly site with photos and video:

    There are still some of the old photos out there, but a few new ones. Mike is now using the A620, so I will be loading some of his shots as well.

    There is a night video taken from our December trip, along with a short dolphin video compiled from the June 09 & Dec 09 trip. There is also a compilation of short video clips as well as the full dolphin video from last December. The video is not quite where I want it to be, but sometimes I enjoy video more.

    The December trip was the first one with the G10. (yes I am obsessed with all things scuba & photography, just ask Mike!)

    What camera did you get?


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    Linda - wow! Those videos are fantastic! Thank you for sharing!!!

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    Hey Linda! We have a sea&sea dx750 but have just purchased a new Cannon
    G11 we are so excited to use next week (yea!)! My husband has taken 5 million pictures of our cat, house, sofa everything haha! We are doing dive signs to each other all day. We are SOOOOO ready for this trip! We will check out your pictures right now. Thanks for sharing Kait

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    Wow! Awesome dolphin video! It is amazing how fast they are there then gone!

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    Hey kaityogill, we live in West Des Moines. 4 more days to CN, can't wait. See you on the dive boat.

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    See you then Iowafan! You're in Cyclone country though aren't you???

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    Hey guys, my wife and i will be spending our one year anniversary where we got married ! well be there the 13 to the 21st ... shes terrified of the water (twist her arm to go snorkling or kayak) but its always fun to know people beforehand ! she is originally from iowa, waverly area incase anyone knows where that is,and im from where we now live, Houston, anyways, would love to get together and have some drinks while we are there! take care!

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    Hey Houston TX. You can find us at the dive shop! We are Kait and Glenn. Hope you are having fun!

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