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    Default Dining in Negril

    My bride to be and I will be arriving at CSA on Feb 24th and spending 10 glorious days escaping from what passes as weather here in Nebraska. Oh yeah, getting married as well.

    Question for the pros...any great places in eat in Negril? Granted, it looks like there are some great restaurants at CSA, but we're the type that likes to explore the local cuisine. Not really looking for the sit down fancy pants places..just somewhere we can grab some great grub and have a great time.

    Thanks gang!


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    Default Dining in Negril

    Maybe two suggestions outside of CSA. Rick's cafe is a great spot to have a burger a few drinks, people watch and watch the sunset! Also a place the locals go is called the Jungle. But honestly the food will be the best you can find at CSA. Make sure you try everything, the main restaurants are great but we also like Sea Grapes for a easy lighter lunch and also the Cabana Grill (they have the best jerk chicken). Have a great time and eat way too much!

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    I'd suggest checking out the businesses found on . Among those that sound pretty good... 3Dives, PushCart, Rockhouse, and many more! These three are located in what is known as The Cliffs area of Negril.

    Also, try this...

    Walk to the beach from your room.... turn right, walk across the "B" property till you come to Cosmos. Great conch soup (among other tasty, local dishes).

    Next day, walk to the beach from your room... turn left, and walk... and walk... and walk... until you reach the cliffs or find a place that piques your curiosity.

    Again, I can't stress strongly enough... on,,, and probably other sites, you can find a pair of EXCELLENT maps showing the businesses along Norman Manley Boulevard(along 7-Mile Beach) and West End Road (along The Cliffs). Don't leave home without them!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Lots of great places to eat in Negril. If you want to grab some good, cheap,local food, you can go to Cool Spot, its right across the road from the Great House. Every time I"ve been there I've seen cab drivers stop to grab lunch, so you know its good! Cosmos is another good choice. its down the beach to the right of CSA. A few more of my favorites on the beach(all these are to the left on the beach of CSA)are Niahs for Patties and Pilots Cafe for curried conch. If you dont mimd spending a little more and want a nice meal with good atmospehre go to Kuyaba. They have cool rope swings at the bar and its one of the most popular places on the beach.Oh, and Best in the West on the beach road has good jerk chicken. There's many, many more little places all along the beach and the beach road but my minds drawing a blank on the names right now lol.
    BUT in my opinion, the best places are up on the cliffs. Its just a 5 minute ride. Some of my favorites on the cliffs are LTU Pub (good place to go for a sunset meal), Da Bar and Grill(best jerk chicken), Royal Kitchen for Ital(no animal products) Sips and Bites, .And down in the roundabout area,which is between beach and cliffs, theres Sweet Spice and Juicy Js. Ok.. I'm getting carried away now lol.. I do have to also mention Ivans at Catcha Falling Star and Rockhouse on the cliffs. They aren't really "fancy Pants" places, but they would be 2 of the more "upscale" restaurants in Negril. And they're worth it! I think its a good idea to get a taste of some of the places off the resort, we always at least grab lunch once or twice. But I'm warning you.. the food at CSA is soo good and its just so relaxing there that its hard to leave,even for a bit. But force yourself.. you'll be glad you did. I have a map that shows where everything is, not sure how to post it on here but I have seen it posted here in the past so maybe someone else can help you out with that. Have fun, and congratulations!You picked the perfect place to get married and honeymoon.

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    Just one more. Canoe I can't believe I forgot Canoe, its my most recent "favorite". Its right at the beginning of the cliffs. Even has a little beach with lounge chairs.

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    plenty of cool places in the west end go to negril . com and do a lil research i am sure you will find a variety of places that match what you are looking for
    push cart
    three dives come to mind

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    We too like to venture out and try different restaurants even though CSA has wonderful food. We have been to Kuyaba, located right on the 7-mile beach, not too far from CSA - great peppered shrimp dish!

    We've also tried LTU and Rockhouse up on the cliffs. LTU very laid back, whereas Rockhouse a little fancier. Both have good food - jerk chicken at LTU and coconut chicken at Rockhouse are the bomb!

    Have also ventured to Sweet Spice just past the roundabout downtown Negril to the left. Great local food!

    Have tons of fun!

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