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Thread: Potter near CTI

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    Default Potter near CTI

    There used to be a great potter (pottery thrower, not the "other" kind ) near CTI...
    Is he still there? If so, when you cross the street, do you turn right or left?
    Is he the one that comes on-site during the vendor days?

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    Anyone, Anyone ?? :-)

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    We just returned on Jan 23. The potter we found is out of the gate to the left and up the hill. It is on the ocean side of the street.

    We also stopped to see Albert who is the carver at the top of the hill, on the opposite side of the street from the potter.

    Soon Come


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    Are they within walking distance? Are they very aggressive?

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    Albert is maybe a 5 minute walk and the potter is maybe an additional 5.

    They are most pleasant and anything but aggressive, in fact Albert walked with us to the nearby store, to the potter, and stayed with us until we walked back to the resort. He answered lots of questions about Jamaica, about his family, and his life.

    We did not purchase crafts from Albert or pottery. We were able to watch the potter and he explained his craft to us. This was the first time we had met Albert or the potter, and we were treated like long lost friends.

    I gave Albert and the potter a few $ for their time and the potter's wife put a few braids in the wife's hair for a few $. I think this brief exposure to these kind people cost maybe a total of $20 US, and that was not expected, demanded, or in any way sought from us. I appreciated their time and their kindness.

    If an escort (like Albert) makes you more comfortable, they are not hard to find. Kirk or the other great bellmen can help you with that.

    Enjoy your stay.

    Soon Come


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