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    Default Miller Lite @ CSA

    Is it in bottles (I hope so) or is it draft? (god I hope not)

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    Default miller lite

    I believe it's the CAN, I hate beer from a can...

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    Cans. It's limited too. But then again Red Stripe is so much better so don't drink the watered down beer.

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    Do they do Miller Lite at CN?

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    You're in Jamaica mon. Try the Red Stripe. You'll like it.


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    I have had red stripe I like it but I prefer light beer, unless they have red stripe light this time (last time they didn't). I am defnitly a miller girl but in a can it is nasty...

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    Aluminum to me makes everything taste funny. They have red stripe light on tap. My wife loved it and she is a miller girl.

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    To the original poster, all I can ask is... "WHY???"

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    i have to admit the red stripe at swept away is really good, an ice cold miller lite hits the spot, even if its in a can, normally when you drink it fast enough it doesnt matter, enjoy your holiday.

    one love, wayne f

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    Bocodo - yes - CN has Miller Lite in cans. However - they will not give you cans of ML in your mini bar or at the bars. At the bars they will pour it into a plastic cup. In the evening it will be poured into a glass. Enjoy!!!

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    I'm normally a Bud lite girl, but when I'm in Jamaica I love the Red Stripe lite!!!!
    Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!! 52 more days till CN
    One Love,

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    Yes they do have Miller Lite at CN but unfortunately it is can I found it to be not as good as I was hoping and I'm not a fan of RedStripe. So I enjoyed many mixed drinks instead.

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    they have red stripe light in bottle too. red stripe tastes MUCH better here(not sure why) You might want to go across the street to buy your own beer though. I like having good beer on hand because most of the bars close after 4pm.

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    When we were at CSA in July we asked for Miller Lite to be stocked in the mini fridge and they said it wasn't available. However, our friends that were two doors over asked for it and got it! It's the "American" beer at most resorts in Jamaica, but whether they give it to you or not is another question.

    Yes, the Red Strip light beer is very good - but I prefer the bottle myself. I would suggest, walk across the street and buy some - pretty cheap - and keep it in your fridge! Unless you could perhaps get them to stock it in your fridge!!

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