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    Well i know it's taken a few weeks but i think i have all my thoughts together. The beginning is good place to start. I was lucky enough to be a friend of tom lancaster (aka) tommywommy. We work together and he invited me to a couples party. Wanda and (aka) little red met atleast twenty five people who were loyal couples regulars. We were told of everytrhing that goes on and the great time we would have no matter what couples resort we went to. We choose csa to celebrate our 30th anniversary. We then began a post on the message board of our trip which was almost one year away. We were lucky enough to met lyn and jan from wales on this message boad. We stayed in touch atleast every several days and spoke of the fun we were going to have. Little red and i spent seven glorious days we these people and had more fun then words can express. Good friends are something you can always count on. We would have never known them if it weren't for the message board and couples. Prior to leaving i sent an e mail to randymon regarding a love letter to my lovely wife. Within twenty four hours he called me back and the letter was read to my wife. In summary the food, activities and people are what makes couples the place it is. Be sure to get involved with tournnements, drink tasting, jerk cooking and last but not least the pian bar and ultimate choclate. I could go on and on regarding the great time we had. The lord willing we will be back in two years. We have aleady let jan and lyn know of our plans. In closing all i can say is i have truly turned into a couples ambassador. We have no desire to ever go anywhere else. Csa is truly magical. If anyone out there has any questions please contact. One last note to jan and lyn you two are very special. There is not a day that dosen't go by that both of you don't come to our thoughts.
    Take care,
    lp & little red

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    Default Larry & Wanda

    Thank you for your kind words Larry. I must say that everything you say about CSA is echoed here. We had such a great time and meeting up with new friends was such a big bonus. We also talk of the holiday constantly and long to return. I am trying my hardest to get back next year but prices in the UK have risen steeply. However, dont get worried, we made a promise that we would meet up again in 2 years and I intend to keep that promise. I would love to go back every year from now on. That may sound strange to some people but not to Couples people. We have been lucky over the years to travel to various Caribbean Islands and some lovely hotels. However, not one has come up to the standard of Couples. In fact I think I would even miss out a year than go elsewhere. We felt so at home and part of a family while we were there. I feel that to go anywhere else I would just be comparing it to Couples.
    Everything just fell into place. Meeting new friends from the message board, the room, the food, drinks, staff etc etc etc, everything was just right.
    Maybe next time Larry we can all end up at the piano bar and the Men can win for a change lol. It was great meeting up with you both and we are looking forward to joining you both over a Pina Colada with a VX float in 2011. By the way if Tommywommy is reading this change the Pina Colada to a Salty Dog lol. There again dont, I still cant get rid of the taste of the last one lol.

    Take care my friends and hope the ankle is well on the mend,
    ETF (LYN & JAN)

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    Larry, it was great meeting you and Wanda at Tommy's last year. we are so happy you had a wonderful time at Swept Away. we knew you two would.


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