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    Default 10th try.... looking for advice for CTI! Please! :)

    SO... i have tried to post this numerous times, and it never works. So.. here it goes again. We leave for CTI in 1 week, for a week long vacation & to get married!!! I am SO excited. However, i still have TONS of questions.
    What food to you reccomend?
    what drinks??
    anything to pack/not to pack??
    Also.. we really want to go zip-lining & swimming with the dolphins. WHERE can i get information on that, and is it worth it? Is the scuba diving worth giving up a whole day of other stuff for, or no??
    Basically any advice would be GREAT!!!
    Thanks so much!

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    What to eat? Try as many different things as possible. I'm not too keen on the traditional Jamaican cuisine, but my husband loves it. We both love the fresh croissants with Irish cream butter, and I love the assortment of cheeses at every meal.
    What to drink? Again, I recommend trying an assortment. My favorite is the Dirty Banana, but my husband prefers the Rumrunner with a rum floater.
    What to pack? I always end up bringing too many clothes and shoes, but I like to be overly cautious. Definitely bring sunblock, and we always bring aloe. Bring water shoes if you will be doing Dunn's River Falls (which I recommend doing on Sunday--there are no cruise ships in that day, and it's much quieter).
    Tours, etc.? We did the zipline tour on our first visit. There was a tour desk in the lobby where we got all of the information, signed up and payed. I highly recommend it. If you want info before you go, go to As far as the scuba, it doesn't take the whole day, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
    We will be getting there Saturday, and can't wait! ENJOY!!

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    pack lots of swimsuits (it's so humid stuff doesnt dry for like 2 days), a few cover ups, a few sundresses for nightwear, and few few few day clothes. i'd heard that before we went but i'm a habitual overpacker.

    gotta try the hummingbird and the bahama mamas are great (3rd one will start knockin you down, 4th, 5th and 6th...forget it!)

    good food no matta what.

    depending on how long you're there will depend on the scuba option. prob allow like 3-4 hours for certification and the diving. if you want to snorkel a lot around the hotel, take your own gear (you have to sign up for everything at certain times).

    Dolphin Cove only worht it if you want to spend $260 (you read right) a PERSON but i think the add'l person is like $75. not worth it to me.

    try a few excursions (Dunn's is worth it-make sure you DONT go on a day the cruise is in town, like a Friday or SUnday) but dont overbook. lay on the beach as much as you can and at least TRY the's fun!
    hope this helps and congrats!

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    Well, I'm at CTI right now and I would say that I over packed and I was super concience about not over packing. I packed 5 pairs of underwear, and have only worn 3-for an hour or two while I was at dinner. Pack more swimsuits than you think you'll need, and maybe an extra cover up or two in case the one you are wearing gets wet. Pack more sunscreen than you think you should. We went through two bottles, and had to buy a third. Pack conditioner because they don't provide it in the room. Pack solarcane if you need the pain relief that comes from being in the sun.

    Don't pack soap or shampoo. Give yourself room in your suitcase to bring things back. Don't pack towels. Pack less shoes than you think you'll need. 1 pair of flip flops has lasted me all week, on the beach, and I brought a fancy pair to wear with my dresses for supper. If I did it again, I'd only pack 1 dress and wear it at both places. If you're going to work out-pack that stuff too.

    Eat at all the restaurants and try stuff you wouldn't normally try. It's worth it. Have the bartender just make a drink for you. If you don't like it, get another. I'm not much of a drinker so I wasn't too worried about what to drink. Just drink something...

    I really think you should stop stressing about the trip, and just pack the basics (including your wedding dress) and just enjoy your time here. We haven't left the resort, and had no desire to do so. But if you like to shop or want to swim with dolphins or whatever, you can stop at the front desk (to your right as you come in) and schedule it.

    Good luck!

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    I ditto what SBlovin said including we are here right NOW!. The food is incredible. I have to make myself stop eating. I have my chocolate croissants with the room service breakfast, then Ulysses makes wonderful omelets--had a crab omelet and loved it. Again, same as was posted above, just ask the bartender to make you something and if you don't like it, no problem, ask for something else. Just let them know what you didn't like--ie, too strong, or too fruity. Enjoy!

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    Try all foods, to see what you like (omelettes a must).
    I like the Miami Vice drink and the Purple Rain was ok.
    As the others said pack plenty of swimsuits, I tend to over pack and I like it. I rather be safe than sorry.....
    Sunnysal was correct to swim with the dolphins is $260, you can check the front desk for more details, call (876)974-5335, or visit the website at
    Make sure you do Dunn's River Falls...

    Congrats on your wedding!!!!!!! We will be at CTI Friday 07/17/09....11 days and counting....

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