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    Default snowstorms and couples

    just wondered how many of you have had your vacations upset due to last weeks storm and the upcoming one tomorrow...were you stuck at the resorts, and did they have room? we left 2 weeks ago and i noticed the flight we took home was cancelled 3 days in a row this past weekend - what do you do - were you stuck at the airport or resort?

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    It all depends on when your flight is canceled. If it canceled before you leave the resort, you would stay at the resort if they have rooms. If at the airport, them you would need to find a room near the airport or go back to the resort. Remember, the only flight that means anything is the flight from Jamaica to the States, not your connecting flights.
    Irie Mon

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    Last year our flight was cancelled just before boarding and the airline put us up for the night at a resort in Montego Bay. Not Couples, but very nice just the same. We were provided with all-inclusive bracelets and also received travel vouchers from the airline the next morning. All in all we were very impressed with how the airline handled the situation. If you are going to get stranded, Jamaica is a wonderful place for it to happen! I'll never forget calling my boss to tell him I was "stranded" in Jamaica and him saying that somehow the words "stranded" and "jamaica" just didn't go together!

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