While I clearly fall on the side of not giving a rat's butt if we fail to receive the departing gifts - heck, I didn't even know about it until I read this thread - it still boils down to a keystone statement by which all businesses are supposed to operate:

Say what you'll do, then do what you say.

Either Couples consistently backs up the procedure of giving these gifts to departing customers, or just do away with this altogther, as it seems from the veterans' reactions that it's not much of an incentive to return anyways. There are obviously a zillion other reasons that draw repeat visits time and again.

But as it stands now, the degree of inconsistency currently being displayed is not business management at its finest. Couples needs to get this down pat, otherwise they will continue to receive complaints, regardless of how minor and few in number, from those who feel it is important to receive the adios gifts.