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    Default Room Requests at CSA

    We have booked out vacation and wedding for May at CSA. We have booked an Atrium Suite because of all the reccomendations on this board. My questions is, how do you request a specific room or floor level? I did not see any options to do this when booking. Also, what floors/rooms are best in the Atrium rooms?

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    From a recent post by Randymon on this topic:

    "It seems that every so often I am compelled to restate our position on a few topics which keep rearing up their ugly heads, so here I go:

    ". . . . 5. Specific Rooms, Buildings or Floor requests: NO! As a result of daily arrivals and departures, it is impossible for us to guarantee any specific room number, building or floor. Rooms are assigned upon arrival and we will do whatever we can to accommodate you at that time. Coming with an expectation of a specific room assignment may only serve to unnecessarily disappoint you at the start of your vacation. This applies to all reservations, even if you or your travel agent request it or note it in the reservation."
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    You will receive the room category you booked. So you will get an Atrium room, but you cannot be guaranteed which one or which floor.

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    Thank you again, Pamela! I think people need to understand that there are people coming and going every single day at any of the Couples resorts. Logistically, mathematically, and any other way-ly, it just is not possible to accommodate specific room requests in a 288 room facility.

    I would also note that if you have your heart set on a very narrow room location and selection, you are quite likely setting yourself up for disappointment.

    Ultimately, this is why there is no place on the booking engine, on the website, or anyplace else to make a specific room request. If I might put it bluntly, we're not moving to accommodate anyone's choice... we're not giving you our favorite room number... and nothing we can say will help anyone with a room request.


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