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    Default Best resort for a wedding?

    I've been driving myself and my fiance crazy going back and forth between the 4 couples resorts. We've never been to Jamaica but have heard great things about Couples. It's getting close to May so I need to go ahead and book. It's only the 2 of us and maybe 2 friends so time is of the essence. I was leaning more towards CTI then CSS mainly bc of friends suggestions of Ocho Rios. But, after being on the message board and seeing photos of the beautiful CSA and CN weddings, I'm confused. I don't have a preference as far as Ochi and Negril, but I do want to stay somewhere with great wedding locations.

    I do want a room with a great ocean view vs being right on the beach (beachfront). I would like a room with the hammock. Any suggestions?

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    CSA Atrium rooms have lovely hammocks and are very romantic.

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    My fiance and I had the same trouble. But in the end we decided CSA was the right choice for us. It seems to be everyone's favorite, the pictures and reviews for other weddings were incredible, and they have the best beach. It was my fiance's dream to get married on a beach so you want it to look nice. So I would suggest CSA. We are getting married July 13th. Congratulations, and Good luck!

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    If its a beach wedding you're looking for, any of the resorts will do. SweptAway has other wedding venues, too, and the other resorts probably have some garden venues, too.

    The Atrium Suites are the only room class at SweptAway that has hammocks.

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    Our CN wedding was perfect....I imagine that you will get the royal treatment at any of the Couples Resorts...Our beach wedding went off without a hitch...ok, one little hitch...the minister said "In sickness and in DEATH!!! but quickly changed it....You can hear it on the video!

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