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    Default Morning or Afternoon Wedding!! HELP!!

    We are getting married at CSA on May 20th!! We are newbies. We have never been. Can someone please help me decide whether to get married at 2 pm or 10 am. I have the 2 pm booked but the 10 am is still available. I am really thinking of switching. Can someone make a recommendation? The only reason I don't want to switch is because 2 pm is closer to evening and the celebration afterwards. I do want to switch because I have heard its a better time to get married. Why is that? I would appreciate suggestions. Thank you!!

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    During that time of year, the weather is typically better in the mornings (sunny). If it is going to rain, it has a tendency to do it in the afternoon.
    We did a vow renewal at 10 am and the timeing was perfect. Then we changed and hung out for the day, had a sunset massage and dinner at the reservations resturant.

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    IF you head over to the wedding section of the MB (by clicking weddings on the top bar-in blue) you'll see lots on the subject. I am personally getting married at CSA at 10am because i don't want to wait around all day for the wedding and i hear the water is bluer. You'll see tons on this on the other board.

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    When we are in Jamaica in April the mornings tend to be sunny, and bright with clear blue skies. Mid-afternoon often sees more clouds and has a higher probability of showers. I don't know if the same is true for May.



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    We "did it on the beach" at was plenty warm....Plenty time to get ready, have the ceremony and reception, and RELAX! I was happy we didn't wait until 2PM...

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