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    Default Carin & Cary >>>>> May 10, 2010 CSA

    Carin & Cary are happily having their wedding and honeymoon week of May 8-May 15, 2010!!!
    I bought my dress today!!!

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    Laura & Bill are getting married May 8, 2010. I am sure we will see you there!

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    We just finished booking our trip and got a Beachfront Veranda Suite!! We are so excited.

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    Default 83 days!

    It is 83 days until we are married and 81 days until we are in Jamaica!!!!

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    We just got Cary's wedding clothes!
    I also have to learn how to use my really cool new camera...
    We are working hard to get our "to do" lists done so we can be totally stress free on our wedding/honeymoon to CSA!
    This weekend we are going shopping for our wedding rings!!

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    Default See you there!

    We will be there from the 10-17th. Our wedding is May 8th and we leave for CSA on the 10th. Congratulations!...maybe we'll cross paths

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    61 days and counting until CSA!

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    Okay. We finished consolidating our two homes into one this past weekend! The countdown is coming so close (54 days until CSA). We are so excited! We need to buy wedding rings this weekend!!! So much to do. But it is fun to do it!

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    Help with Pictures!! If you are going to be at CSA on May 10th at 10 am...we would love it if you helped with taking some extra pictures of this very special day....

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    Our wedding rings came in today! We can't wait to pick them up this weekend... 44 days until we leave for our wedding/honeymoon! We are planning luau party for when we return home from our wedding/honeymoon so we can celebrate our marriage with our family and friends.

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    We picked up our wedding rings. It was so exciting. We are finishing planning the party and sending out the invites for our Wedding Luau Party that we are having with our friends and family upon our return!

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    30 days and counting!

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    Okay. We are at the less than 3 week mark (19 days until we leave)! We are totally ready to go!! Can't wait!! Yay!

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    We have purchased everything and got/laid out everything for the trip! 10 more days until we leave!!! I can't believe it!

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    I am really excited for you! The countdown is such fun! We leave for CN in 53 days, 56 til the wedding...I can hardly stand it! We're still in the "consolidating homes" phase!
    Congratulations and let us hear back from you when you return! By the way, the post-wedding luau sounds like a lot of fun...great idea!

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    40 HOURS and counting!

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    congratulations..!!! fiance and i are getting married on may 7th 2011 and we cant wait....i would love to hear back from you regarding the weather that you had over your week stay....we were at swept away 1 1/2 years ago over christmas / new years and had the most fantastic weather, not one drop of rain or cloud in the sky...we have about 30 people coming with us, and hope for the same kind of weather, but are unsure of what to expect since it is at such a different time of the year from when we were last there....let us know....and again, CONGRATULATIONS...!!!

    ann & kurt

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    We had wonderful weather. Make sure you get married at 10 am. It is the BEST time to get married: much cooler and the light for the photos is incredible.
    The weather was perfect. There was a light rain every afternoon about the time we had lunch. It cooled everything off and made the day just fine and never interrupted our fun in the sun or activities.

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