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    Default PLEASE HELP.....First Timers........

    We are getting ready to book our first trip to CSA. We are so excited.It sounds like the perfect place. We are going at the end of April. My question is about the rooms. I read that the garden rooms you can hear alot of traffic. Is this true? or was someone just complaining. If it is true can someone please sugguest what rooms would be best? We wanted to stay beachfront but for the price we would rather stay for a couple of days longer. Please help...We want to book this weekend. Thank you

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    It's not really "traffic" as much as Horns beeping, which is how Jamaicans say "hi", "move over", " need a Taxi?" and a few other phrases....

    Some people say it doesnt bother them at all..if your A/C is on and some music, you probably wouldn't hear it anyway.

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    The price you pay for a Garden Suite will guarantee you a day or more in paradise, within whatever you're budget might be. In fact, the differential between the GS and, say, the BFVS will probably get you a few extra days.

    Is this worth it? Again, it depends on your budget, but its a hard choice to pass on, isn't it?

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    We stayed in a Garden View room for one night. The road noise was awful, and you are tucked back in a corner with no water in site. We moved on day two, to a beachfront and were back in heaven. We had a good time at CSA, but have booked for our third trip to CN, and probably won't go anywhere else ever again. We, LOVE IT.

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    We always stay in the BFVS because we want to be right on the beach, but my inlaws stayed in the GS and had no complaints whatsoever.

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    Well, that all depends on you.... .I used to live in San Francisco, right up the street from the hospital. After the first week, I could sleep through sirens, cars, horns, people talking, you name it. When I would go somewhere quiet, I COULDN'T sleep without the noise.

    Now that I live in rural Florida, traffic sounds DO keep me awake, since I'm really not used to it anymore. In fact, a car going fast up my road with their radio on WILL wake me up.

    The Garden Suites aren't THAT loud, but if you aren't used to the sounds of traffic and cars at all, it might bother you. It stops later in the evening, but they start up again in the morning pretty early... everyone trying to get to work.

    The short story to this novella (sorry) is it's really up to you. If you are one bothered by noise, I'd probably upgrade to an Atrium. It's not that much more, and the rooms are significantly nicer. Plus, you get a hammock.

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    There is road noise audible in the garden rooms. However, the only time it was ever a problem for me was early in the morning. So, we decided, time to get up anyway and greet the day. It really depends on how sensitive you are to ambient noise. I can see it bothering some folks but others not at all.

    If I were betting, I'd bet you won't care much.

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    What about switching to an Atrium or Ocean Verandah Suite. Both of those categories aren't as expensive as the beachfront ones, but you will be away from the noise also. I think some Garden Suites and Verandahs are noisier than others. From what I have read you can shut the bathroom door and with the AC on you can't hear the traffic. We stayed in an OVS and loved it, but we are staying an extra day this next time around and going with a GVS. Good luck deciding. You are going to love CSA.

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    Thank you all for the advise. We are booking tomorrow. It sounds like CSA is getting booked up so I will be happy with whatever I can get. We can't wait. Thank you again.

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