We just returned from our first trip to CSS. We were at CSA in December and thought nothing could beat that resort but CSS did it in spades. We were in awe from the moment we got there, the views are spectacular and the pathways so fun to explore.

Our first room was in Block G (G12b), on the top floor, there are only four rooms up there, it was the furthest room from anywhere and we loved it, it was a Deluxe Ocean Verandah room, with a huge, private balcony. The only problem was we didn't have hot water, so we stuck it out for 4 days and moved to a Beachfront Suite in Block B, but we much preferred being on the cliffs. The Guest Services Manager, Lij, was the best. He took care of our move, getting us a room with a view, and didn't stop until we were happy! The staff at this resort were second to none, we made so many friends and were very sad to leave.

We arrived on a Friday night and were able to experience two gala evenings as we left the following Saturday night. It was amazing, the food was out of this world, as was the beach party on Tuesday night.

We spent most of our time on the A/N beach, but did visit the mineral pool most afternoons as well. It was so quiet there and we enjoyed the access to the ocean, it was the best part of the beach on the whole resort. Just take a few steps down from the pool and head out through the arch. The A/N beach is unswimmable unless you have water shoes, we wish we had known this prior to going. We didn't spend any time at the main beach but it was very nice, as we walked out a ways to check it out one day.

As everyone has mentioned previously the pathways and flora and fauna were spectacular and all add to the romantic atmosphere of this resort. We so enjoyed just wandering every day and discovering something new each time. Crackers is so adorable, we went to visit him every morning and he would welcome us with a hello and a goodbye when we left him.

We hated to leave so much that we're going to try to get back there in April.

Any questions, be happy to try to answer. Enjoy the pictures.