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    Am I missing an intro thread? I know this board is new and maybe the old site had one.

    I know may people here may know each other, but I figure I am probably not the only "newer" member. Before I do my intro here, is there another one?

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    Ray -

    There was no real equivalent on the old MB, but the new MB offers it as you set up your profile. Tell us all about yourself, if you'd like... post a photo, where you're from, stuff like that. Of course, you have to recognize that many won't want to do so, and we'll repect their privacy.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    ill take part in an "intro thread"....

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    The really isn't an introduction thread so to speak, and believe it or not MOST of us do NOT know each other. We have just learned about each other through this wonderful message board. Start reading and soon, you will feel as if you know us all. Welcome

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    Thanks all...I wanted to make sure I wasn't going against the unwritten code (of course from what I read, I am not sure many codes exist) with the exception of be nautual on the natural beach and relax.

    Thanks...We actually booked last month and are going to CN Nov 24 - Dec 2, so I feel maybe we are at an advantage of not having to wait as long and disadvantage of not having as much time to get to know who will be where when and about all the resort has to offer.

    Off to linger in all your threads!

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