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    Default Any video of the single digit dance!!

    We are 12 sleeps away and want to be able to do the single digit dance but not sure what it should look like?? Is it like ... the swim ... the twist ... a line dance ... the hot potatoe!!! Please help so we don't mess it up this close to leaving!!

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    Budliteguy, It's all of the above! But please! Not in front of us. Enjoy!

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    We were starting to worry because tonight(Wed) is sleep night 10 so tomorrow we can begin the DANCE but did not know how it was done. We will keep it private and not try to hurt our bodies combining all of those dance moves. How do you say excited in Jamaican?????

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    Budliteguy which resort are you going to?

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    Will be at CN on the 20th, seven more sleeps!!!!

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