This year was very interesting when it got to be 6:00 on SSB.

As you all know - there's a bit of confusion as to whether SSB is clothing optional or not at 6:00 - most of us just go hide in the pool/hot tub so as not to be gawked at, so no worries.

However, this year there were a lot of Couples that came over at 6:00 to give Au Naturel a try.

There were several women who went topless, while their husbands may or may not have participated.

There was also a group of very drunk guys who eventually dropped their trousers - much to the embarrassment of their wives

And there was also a couple where the woman went completely nude while the husband did not and another that did the opposite.

We eventually saw a few of these people at SSB the following days so I thought that was pretty cool as it changed the atmosphere quite a bit compared to the usual crowd of gawky textiles that tend to come over for sunset.

I also thought that was a brilliant way to handle the undecided spouse - clearly it helped a few couples.

It was very interesting to see their excitement/reactions - and very clear they had all read something and planned ahead for it - it was likely this mb that gave them the idea - I know there are a lot of "views" - even if not many reply