Recently my wife and I spent a week at Couples Tower Isle and had the time of our lives. We loved it so much that many of our family members want to visit Couples also. Thus, we are planning a "family retreat" for next year to Jamaica but do not know which resort to choose.

Here is the dilemma, the matriarch of the family (early 80s) has trouble sleeping in a regular bed and does much better on a couch, recliner or reclining beach chair. The pictures of the suites at Couples Sans Souci show a regular couch in the room as well as a reclining beach chair on the patio/balcony which could be brought into the room at night. Unfortunately, the same person has a problem with stairs and Sans Souci has a reputation as loaded with staircases. She is able to maneuver a small set of steps but continually having to navigate staircases all day is not going to result in a pleasant experience (she is not in a wheelchair or mobility unit but sometimes utilizes a walker).

Is it possible to get a room with "easy" access to the beach and dining at Sans Souci and minimize stairs or is this wishful thinking? Should we be looking at other Couples venues? If so, which? Please remember the above mentioned sleeping needs articulated above.

Any advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated. We are planning this trip for April 2020. Thanks for your time and efforts.