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    Default Difference in Cost between Ocean Verandah & one with sea view at CSA?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can assist?

    We have booked an ocean verandah room when we travel in mid April - and wonder what people think to

    1 - a budget difference in cost for 4 nights between these two room types - incase we can upgrade when we get there?

    2 - chance of the option to upgrade when we get there - bearing in min arrive 18th of April.

    We may be lucky and get a view but I wondered what our options were. Any advice? We have not booked directly with the hotel, but an agent in the UK.


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    I would check the rate difference here: That will show you wha it would cost for a different room type.

    There is no "sea view" room, so I'm assuming Ocean Verandah v. Beachfront??? Looks like $40/night difference between those for the last half of April.

    From what I gather, April is very busy and the resort is pretty booked up during that time already. My guess, waiting until you get there to upgrade will lessen your chances of being able to do so.

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    Clair I just checked the reservations section and CSA is booked solid for mid April so I guess you're stuck with what you reserved. If you're not happy with your room then you'll just have to see if they can accomodate you when you're there. When we arrived in Dec, 2008 they didn't even have a garden verandah for us the first night. We ended up in the lowest garden suite which was fine. They gave us an upgrade to an ocean verandah for the rest of the trip but the view was terrible. We really didn't care because unless you're going to spend a lot of time in the room it doesn't matter. There's so much to do and see at CSA and you only have 4 days why do you want to be on the verandah much anyway? My advice is to stop over analizing your trip and just go and enjoy yourselves. We had a blast, lousy view and all...Steve

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    Default Just Did It

    I just got off the phone an hour ago with Couples and upgraded from a Garden Verandah to an Oceanview Verandah for $44.00 per night.

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    MiGreg - ohhh your lucky! I may try and contact them to see but realise it will be busy time.
    Steve - your right - with so many places to have a relaxing drink and see the sea etc - we won't need to use the room/view etc. I guess I keep forgetting we don't need to have a drink in our room before meal etc to keep the cost down - but we don't need to do that here!!!

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