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    Default Super Bowl Champions!! New Orleans Saint!!

    This just shows that anything can happen people. Mardi Gras doesn't compare to the party going on in New Orleans tonight!

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    We will be celebrating SAINTS victoy In April at Couples Negril, but we need to get through Mardi Gras. Three couples from New Orlean will be sporting our BLACK and GOLD, can't wait to April. The party will never stop.

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    Glad to know there are more people from Louisiana here. I live in Baton Rouge now but I have a heart of Black and Gold!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sublimebrad View Post
    This just shows that anything can happen people. . . .
    So we can expect a Lions Super Bowl win next year?
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    Black and Gold togas at CTI in March!!! Les a le bon ton roule!!

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    It was a the best of both worlds for me. For numerous sentimental reasons, I was pulling for the Saints. But I was also pulling for my numbers in the football pool and lucky for me, I hit on the 2nd quarter. Tell me I wasn't on pins and needles when the Saints kicker was attempting that FG with time expired at the half! It was only 3 points but it resulted in 4 Bennies!

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    Haha. I wouldn't count on the Lions next year but it should give everyone hope.

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    Congrats to New Orleans......diehard Colts fan myself but they outplayed us

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