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    Default Looking way into the future NOVEMBER 2020 CTI

    On November 8 of next year I will be turning 80 years old. For me, that is hard to fathom. None the less, baring any unforeseen situations, I will celebrate the occasion in my most favorite place in the world, CTI. If your in the neighborhood stop on by.

    NOVEMBER 2020

    Cynthia & Steve 5-11
    Richie & Sylvia 5-16

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    Back in April of last year when I posted the above, it seemed really far away. Now, not so much. The birthday is this year. We have plans. Hope you can join us.

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    Here is some food for thought. There will be some games and contests for great prizes. One contest is, what would you wear to a formal nudist wedding. You can go as far out as you wish. Make things, buy things, whatever you want. Great prizes. You have about 204 days to think about it.

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    Look like we are heading back in November!!!!!

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    We will be at CTI November 28-December 5. We usually go in May. Looking forward to experiencing a different time of year and meeting new people.

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    new hampshirites will be there at the same time we usually go in feb. like you looking forward to meeting new people

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