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    Default New dining option at CSA

    I have been reading a few reviews now that Cabana grill at CSA becomes a new dinner option now and turns into Scotch Bonnet restaurant as I understand it. Anyone who has been and can confirm this? Can let me know how is the food there at dinner? I am aware how Cabana Grill is during the day hours so just curious how it is for dinner now. And anyone going soon or in the near future take a snap shot of their menu would be appreciated. I know I can just wait til I get there to see it but I am very impatient. This will give us another reason to be excited about or look forward to.

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    We're headed there on Easter Sunday. I, too had read that on another forum. We'll be checking it out. I'll try to remember to get a cap on the menu.

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    Just back from CN but visited CSA. The Scotch Bonnet is open in the evenings and the menu looked marvelous. Sorry, no photos. A staff member told us that it was closed during the Summer months. But I'm not certain on that. This restaurant has lobster which is seasonal.

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