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    Well, it is only 239 days until we come home and I can't believe that no one has started a December 2019 thread, so I guess I might as well. (We are already booked for December 2020 as well, but I won't start that yet) Who's coming?

    NAME: Todd & Gwyne
    DATES OF TRAVEL: December 3rd - 12th
    TRIPS TO CSS: 10 Previous
    ROOM TYPE: B Block
    WHERE ARE YOU FROM: Thankfully we are finally moving from Minnesota back to Texas the end of April, so we will be coming from Texas again from now on! No More Snow!!!
    WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO: Sunset Beach, Drinks, Golf, Drinks, Sunset Beach, Drinks, Sun, Drinks, Friends
    DRINK YOUR LOOKING FORWARD TO: Crown Royal, Wine, Red Stripe, Vodka, Hell all of them! Is there really a bad one?
    KIDS: Got 'em, Love 'em, and they are long moved out and on their own. And, they still aren't allowed at Couples Sans Souci thank God!

    Looking forward to seeing all our friends we meet with every December, as well as meeting new friends. So many great people, can't wait to get home!

    Todd & Gwyne

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    NAME- Greg and Jean
    AGE - 73 and 71 (when we get there)
    DATES OF TRAVEL- 12/28/19 -1/5/20
    TRIPS TO CSS - 8th at CSS, 18th overall at Couples
    ROOM TYPE - Beachfront
    WHERE ARE YOU FROM - Minn-e-sota, by golly, you-betcha!
    WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO? - Sun, Rum, Fun (no coincidence that they rhyme)
    WILL YOU GO A/N - Is there any other way?
    DRINKS YOU ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO - Bushwackers and Bob Marleys
    KIDS/GRANDKIDS: 4 - 3 (One girl and twin boys, a/k/a The Reggae Boyz, )
    LEVEL OF EXCITEMENT (1-10) We Cool
    CSA 2012, CSA 2013, CN 2014, CSA 2014, CSS 2014, CN 2015, CSA 2015, CSS 2015, CSS 2016 (March-April), CSS 2016 (July),
    CSA 2017, CN 2017, CSS 2017, CSS 2018 (March),CSS 2018 (Dec-Jan), CSA 2019, CN 2019, CSS 2019-2020 (Dec-Jan), CANCELLED CSS 2020 (Mar-Apr),
    CSS 2021 (March), BOOKED CSS (2021/22 NYE), BOOKED CSS 2022 MARCH

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    NAME: Terry & Kiim
    Ages: 52 & 45
    DATES OF TRAVEL: December 12-17
    TRIPS TO CSS: First Time
    ROOM TYPE: I think G Block
    WHERE ARE YOU FROM: Chicago Suburbs
    WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO: Warmth, beach, food, fun
    KIDS: 5
    WILL YOU GO A/N: Not sure if its in the cards, but Id like to

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    We plan to be there December 11-18.
    4th trip to CSS

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    Hello Terry&Kim, we will be there December 11-18. This is our 4th at CSS

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    NAME: Scott & Debbie
    Ages: 59
    DATES OF TRAVEL: December 15-22
    TRIPS TO CSS: Fourth Time
    ROOM TYPE: Beachfront
    KIDS: 3
    WILL YOU GO A/N: Every day

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    Hi all,
    Stephen & Jennifer 51 and 45 respectively
    December 5 - 12, 2019
    Rookies to CSS.
    1 Bedroom Beachfront Hopefully close to Sunset Beach
    Heading down from Canada ( East Coast) and Winter is Coming !! So looking forward to the sun, sand, warm water and cocktails.
    Blended family...5 children between us .mostly all grown and on their own. Thankfully!! Just kidding
    T-Minus 29 Sleeps

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