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    Default Bugs vs. sand fleas

    I saw a recent TripAdvisor review on Couples Negril where the guest stated they ďhad bed bugsĒ. I can not locate the excellent thread that was on this message board about bug issues, so I am posting this thread so future visitors realize that often itís not Bed bugs that bite. The guest was upset when guest services asked for them to ďcatch one in a jarĒ. Iím not saying they didnít have bed bugs as even the high class Hotels in the SouthEast USA have had articles written regarding bedbugs at their brand name hotels. Bed Bugs can also travel in clothes and suitcases so it is possible, but more likely bites would be from sand fleas earlier in the evening. Even the new Royalton at Runaway Bay Falmouth had thousands of Knats and mosquitoes two years ago.
    Iím just letting visitors know that it is often sand fleas from a nightly walk on the beach (especially after rain) or what we call the ďno-see-umsĒ biting knats from a golf course walk or walk at dusk without bug repellent. People donít realize they were bit until they are in bed and their ankles and legs begin to itch from the allergic reaction and thus they think itís bedbugs. It is an island and bed bugs would need to be identified for a proper fumigation to be ordered. Staff would not be coming into your room at night to catch a bug in your bed, so if you see one at least take a picture of it.
    Also, spray bug repellent around your ankles and legs before you go to the dinners on the lawn so you wonít get bites. Everything bites my husband, and he didnít get bit once using bug repellent at night when we visited CSS in June last year. We never saw any bugs or mosquitoes on SSB at CSS last June even without bug repellent during the day.
    Also, if you arenít happy with your room, Iíve heard others say that Couples tries very hard to move you. The TA reviewer didnít say whether they asked for another room nor whether they used bug repellent if out the night before.
    Others can share their experience at Couples resorts also. I just didnít want that one TA review to scare someone who is booked or thinking of going. Hope to go to CN this summer. Enjoy!

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    Saw that review. it's very easy to tell the difference too - sand fleas will almost exclusively bite your feet, ankles and lower legs whereas bed bugs will happily bite you all over.

    I usually get bit by a few mosquitoes during our trip - even with repellant - by the end it will build up to the point where any new small scratch, or even the slightest bug bite will itch like crazy. I have to take some benadryl to get my skin to calm down. I can see how someone who has never experienced that would think there were bugs everywhere as it's somewhat psychosomatic at that point.

    I do tend to wander off the beaten path though as we didn't have any problems on SSB during the day - I get bit mostly in the evenings when we linger to long and don't put repellant on immediately after getting out of the hot tubs (the rum will do that!)

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    I've seen things on TA over the years relative to Couples Resorts (SweptAway in particular) that were so patently and obviously not true as to make one's head spin. My favorite was someone complaining about the filthy conditions in the swim-up bar, two years before they even had a swim-up bar. Frankly, I've long ago written off TA.

    That said, I think you are probably spot on regarding how a bite from a sand flea (which really isn't a bug... more akin to a leapin' li'l shrimp-like crustacean) could be mistaken for a bedbug bite. My bride's had 'em both... but the giveaway might be in where the bite is. If it's below the knees, my bet would be on sand-fleas.

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    I must be one of the lucky ones. I do not use bug spray and have never been bitten by mosquitoes or sand fleas.
    As for bugs in the rooms....never at Couples! Little lizards once in a while, but no bugs.
    Gene and Jeanne
    CSS October 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017
    CSS/CTI October 2018

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    Had some bites on the ankles when we ate out on the lawn one year. Only other bugs that bothered us were the ants when we left out our vow renewal cake on the desk.

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    After 19 trips we have learned about those pesky sand fleas. We watch the sunset every night on the beach when at CSA or CN. Sand fleas come out when the sand cools. We seldom sit on the beach if there has been rain. This is when they are the worse. We use a lemon grass bug spray that seems to help. Its called Bug Soother made here in Iowa. My wife always gets bit and I seldom do. Chris is correct, these are not bed bug bites. Use bug spray or cover up with a beach towel if out on the beach at sunset.

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