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    Default CN: what time do most people eat supper?

    Hi everyone, we will be at Couples Negril March 6-13 and can't wait!

    Question about supper time; at home my boyfriend and I typically eat supper around 6:30-7:00pm. We usually don't eat late since we go to bed early for a 5:45am alarm clock!

    I am thinking though, if we eat that early at CN will we be the only ones eating supper? From your experiences what time do most people eat?

    I was just thinking about it and thought I'd ask!


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    We eat dinner early...make our reservations for the first sitting. Our second year we ate at 8:30 and didn't care for it. It was way too late for us

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    We always made early reservations as well... never later than 7pm and we weren't alone, but the vast majority seemed to eat a bit later.

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    At home we tend to eat on the early side. How we'll handle it at Couples tho will likely depend on how hungry we are at the time. Did we have a big lunch or a late afternoon, appetite-killing snack? That could alter the time we end up having dinner. And for the reservation places, we may be at the mercy of the going availability, altho from what I've read, it's supposedly easier to land either early (before 6) or late (after 8) dinner times when booking.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Earlier the better, that way you can walk it off with a moonlight walk on the beach!!!!!!! Then come back a reload with just some desert.

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    We're also early eaters .......... 6:30 is best & no later than 7:30. We get up so early while there (6:00 am) because the morning is the most relaxing & gorgeous time around the resort & I don't want to miss a second of it so we go to bed by 10:00 most nights. There is always other people eating early but we are always amazed by how many folks are still out at the pool or beach or bar in their swimwear when we're having a drink before dinner at 6:00 while we watch the sunset. Most people do eat later but that's even more reason to eat early .......... less of a rush & better service & more romantic. If we eat late, it's just really hard to sleep. Do whatever works for you.

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    You will find many people choose to eat early.There are no rules. Everyone is different. But beware, as the week goes on, you become more and more relaxed and you might find yourself moving a little slower and getting places a little later. Ahhh, You are going to love CN.

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    there are people eating at 5 or 6 PM, and people eating as late as 9 or 10 PM and every time inbetween. Eat whenever you feel like it! Back home, my hubby and I typically eat at 5:30, but when we are "home" at CN, we tend to each much later, usually not until 7 or 8 PM - mostly because we often hang out at the pool or beach until like 4 or 5 PM before heading back to our room to shower and get ready for dinner and then get distracted on the way by the spectacular sunsets!! Leave you worries (and your watch!) at home and simply relax and enjoy the slower pace that is Jamaica.

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    Default Otahite

    The specical restaurant "Otahite" (pronounced Oh-ta-heetee) where you need to make reservations I think serves between 6pm at 10pm. We ate there at 6.30pm one evening (it was actaully in a marquee outside, which added to the romance, as the restaurant itself was being refurbished, which looked wonderful when finished) and it was nearly full, as it was when we dined at 9pm. I am very envious of you - the food and service in all the restaurants was amazing, but Otahite just had the edge - try the pumpkin or bloody bay cappacino soup!!!



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