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    We are booking our first trip to CSA for the end of April. I am having a tough time deciding what room. We were looking at beachfront but decided we could stay a couple of extra days if we took another room. I was hoping someone could give me some advise on what to book.

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    April 2010 or 2011? If it's April 2010 you may not get much of a choice in rooms because CSA is booked.

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    We book the beachfront verandah suite rooms. We save and save all year in order to have the luxury of watching the sunset from our balcony and listening to the waves at night. However, none of the rooms at CSA are that far from the beach, The Ocean Verandah rooms are EXACTLY the same as the beachfront verandah rooms, and they are the block of buildings directly in back of the BFVS rooms. You might want to avoid the garden rooms if you are sensitive to road noise and like to sleep in. There is a fair amount of traffic on the road, and they do like to use their horns, even if it's just to say "hi."

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    We have booked Oceanview Verandahs, twice and love it. It is set back, but have a great view of the beach and ocean, as well as privacy, not people walking by your room at all hours. It's only a few more steps from the beach. We kinda like the best of both worlds.

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    I hope it's not all booked. We will be very dissapointed if we can't get a room there. I guess I won't be choosy in a room. We are booking thru a travel agent so I can only hope. I have done so much research on CSA that i really don't want to go to another resort.

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    i was going to say if you like the beachfront try an atrium or garden but the atriums are pretty much booked. if you get a garden you would be able to stay a bunch of extra days!

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