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    I will be married in May at CSA. Since I have started planning my wedding I have been on the message boards faithfully everyday 2-3 times. When I get to work the first thing I do is log onto this board. My fiance refuses to come on this MB, he thinks once we arrive at the resort there will be no element of surprise since I've looked at pictures and read up on everything from rooms, weddings, the beach, restaurants etc. Did any newbies to couples maybe do a little to much research before arriving? Were you still surprised at anything when you finally arrived or not because you did so much research? Am I taking some of the fun out of our trip? I'm honestly starting to become a coupleholic.

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    There's a huge difference between the pictures and the feeling you get in person. You'll see.

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    I was addicted to the MB prior to our first trip to Couples... DH didn't even want to look. My biggest fear was that the resort (CSA) wouldn't live up to my (extremely high) expectations.... It didn't take away the element of surprise at all for me. In fact, the real thing was so much better than the pictures....

    Well, it DID. And on our second trip, I was again addicted to the MB. This time, I was afraid that our second trip would't live up to my (extremely high) expectations. After all, it was our first trip there, and I could have been remembering everything to be better than what it was, right? Well, WRONG. It was even better than the first trip.

    So for our third trip (again addicted to the MB) I was crazy excited... and not nervous at all. Just excited and so ready to be there.

    Now, we're getting ready for our 4th trip, and let me tell you.... I am counting down the days. There is not a HINT of nervousness in my planning this time, only anticipation. It just keeps getting better and better and better.

    Keep reading the MB. Keep getting excited. Keep planning. When you get there, grab a Red Stripe, allow yourself to acclimate to Jamaican time. (Which I personally find wonderful, relaxing and refreshing) and it will all be irie, mon.

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    When we went in November last year, my husband said the same thing. I had been reading the message board for 5/6 months and looking at pictures etc. He kept saying it wouldn't be a surprise once I got there. Well, as said before, reading and experiencing are two entirely different things. It helped that I had read the message board. There were a lot of helpful hints about things to take, what to do, where things were, things like returning the towels each day. And also, because I had looked at all kids of pictures and the map pretty frequently, when we arrived after a long day of traveling, I kind of had a good idea of where to find the bars (CRITICAL!) and food (VERY CRITICAL) without a lot of searching around. Don't worry about it. No matter what you read, nothing is going to spoil that first view and walk around no matter what. It really is a very special place. Enjoy!

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    No you're not takikng any fun out.. in my opinion, you are making it more enjoyable by being prepared and also by knowing all the little secrets to go do/find/experience that you may not know if you'd not been on here. Good for you on the research and planning... you'll be in a better position to experience all that Couples offers, and CSA will be in your h4hearts forever after you have been there... once you go, you'll know

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    I am like you but I spent 4-5 years on here before I could actually afford to go. It helped a lot. I was shocked at how many people didn't know about reservations or even where some restaurants were. Some didn't realize the spa was across the street. Others had to spend quality time learning the resort and what was available. I had done all that and got to enjoy my trip more. My wife has never been on here except when I show her pictures and she even said that if I hadn't known stuff ahead of time she would have been overwhelmed at CSA. It helps to know ahead of time for sure and I don't think it will ruin any surprise at all. People actually asked us questions on the bus and at check in that we had seen on here over and over.

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    I think you'll find your time on the MB more beneficial than anything. You will know what others recommend for drinks, where to dine, what off-site activities to take (and if you should take), etc, etc. You will also be able to meet the others that have posted on the MB, which we really enjoyed during our trip last year.

    Enjoy your trip, and congratulations on your marriage! Will you be changing your MB name to Mrstravelbug???

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    Before my wedding at CTI last year, I was on the message board several times a day, and looked at as many pictures as I possibly could, and the element of surprise was still there. My finace at the time did not do as much research, and he also had an element of surprise. I guess for each person it is different.....but I would say that the fact that I still check the message board quite fequently would mean that I wasn't let down at all. You'll have a wonderful trip regardless of how many pictures you look at beforehand. Enjoy your will be wonderful!

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    I was concerned that the "real thing" would not meet my expectations, since there are so many glowing reviews here. Actually, the experience exceeded my expectations.

    I think following this message board serves to heighten the experience simply because anticipation makes the realization better.

    I can think of far more harmful websites than this message board :-).

    This board hasn't made me a coupleholic, but experiencing the real thing definitely has.

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    I was married at CSA in March 2009. I did the same exact thing you are doing. I'm glad I did because I was well informed but yet was still pleasantly surprised. Keep reseaching, You'll still love every minute you are there!

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    I was on this MB for over a year and a half before we went for our first time. I also read reviews all over the place and looked at tons of pictures. My husband thought the same thing as your fiancee. They are both WRONG! Being there in person does not compare with reading about it. You cannot feel the relaxed vibe by reading about it, you have to experience it. All the information I gathered on this MB really helped. It's kind of like talking about vacation and actually being on vacation. They are two totally different things. Have fun. You are going to love CSA.

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    Pictures can't capture the grace and hospitality of the Jamaican people who work at the resort. I researched for months before we went to CSS the first time. We will be making our 5th trip to a Couples Resort in May. Each time we go, I find more that amazes me. I am definitely a "coupleholic."

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    mstravelbug, my husband told me the same thing before our first trip to CN four years ago. (I also was on every single day...). I agree with KrisJamie, there's a huge difference. I say continue with your Message Board ritual--I think it heightens the excitement that much more. March will be our third trip to Couples (this time CTI), and each time I have started scanning the Board about 4 months before, and continue until we leave, just to get in the mood. I can't imagine not consulting the board beforehand! It's not just about the research, it's also about sharing stories, meeting people, and sharing in the excitement. Be proud to be a Coupleholic, it's a wonderful thing!!! :-)

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    Whether you do a lot of research or a litter or none. You will still be blown away once you get there.



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    Default same as you but still pleasantly surprised!

    I was on-line all the time and my husband was the same as yours about being anti-message was just so much different being there in person than seeing and hearing about it on-line. Do your research but also keep an open mind. There is no such thing as a perfect resort or vacation.

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    It doesn't matter where we go, I look at everything thing I can ahead of time. It sure keeps those "wish I would of known about that" from coming up more.

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    I am a research fiend and I love it. Hubby was very happy when our flights were canceled and we ended up arriving after midnight. I knew where to go to get food and drink at that late hour.

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    Before our first trip, I did the same thing you are doing. I knew just about everything there was to know about the resort. IS there still an element of surprise, YES. When we took the tour of the resort, I knew a good bit about things, but you don't know exactly where they are, so it is still good to go on the tour. Knowing a good bit about the resort is good though. It gives you time to think about things you would like to do. We had printed out 2 lists of the activity schedule. My husbnad highlighted what he wanted to do on his, I did the same with mine. When we sat down together to see what we were going to do on our first trip, we noticed, we would be overlapping things, or going in opposite directions. So we decided together what we wanted to do and when. Needless to say, we hardly did anything our first trip. We sat on the beach and relaxed and drank, made new friends with other guests and staff. Find out as much as you can, and enjoy yourself. My husband was the same way, he never sent on the MB. Said I spent to much time on it. He couldn't believe how much I had learned about the resort when we arrived. Now I can't keep him off, we are returning for our 6th trip in 305 days. We are counting the days.

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    The planning and anticipation is an important part of the whole experience. It makes the cold snowy days of waiting go by faster in my opinion.

    And previous posters are right...there is nothing like the actual experience of being at the resort. You can't ruin it by looking ahead.

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    Planning, researching, and dreaming is part of the fun!!!

    Our biggest surprise...the resort was so much more beautiful than any of the pictures we saw. We had the time of our lives (and I was just like you!!)

    Just have worries!

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    My Hub thinks it madness to 'read up' too much about a resort too but I love coming on to forums, just to read and gain info, not to plan an itinery!! Reading through everyone else's experiences also adds to my anticipation as well as giving me valuable info. Reading posts don't 'spoil' the experience that awaits me though..I just like to 'get a feel' for the place I will be visiting. And may I say, Thank You to all that contribute's a font of information and a very friendly group!! )

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    on our first trip I was the one on the message board non stop, my wife didnt care one way or the other, it defintely helped out with some things. This time around my wife is the one who is non stop on the message board. Its part of the fun!!!

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    MB is all make that great.

    You can find out all kinds of good info. what to bring, what not to bring, places to see, places not to see,etc...

    This MB help us make one of the best vacation we had ever taken even better.

    And as I get ready for my second trip to CTI I will contniue to use the MB to see if I can top the trip from 2005...going to be tough.

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    All good? Depends on your point of view, I guess...

    Disclosure time... I'm a VERY early MB adopter, and an all-to-frequent regular.

    Obviously, the MB has been great for Couples! Just ask Randymon... he give the board props in every tv interview I see him do. Its also great for anyone who has a question about Couples. It also is a great venue for those who've never traveled to Jamaica and the two Couples areas(OchoRios and Negril).

    Occasionally, it serves as a place to vent frustrations with travel issues and resort issues. This seems to go in streaks.

    What this all adds up to is tremendous success for Couples. Good for them. Not so good for those of us who remember the good old days before Couples was "discovered", thanks in large part to the MB. Speaking for ourselves, we LOVED it back when SweptAway was smaller. We loved it even more when Couples acquired the area we affectionately adopted as "South Beach" where the recent expansion now sits.

    Don't get us wrong. While some of its bohemian charm is a bit diluted by the size of the place, we appreciate all Couples has done to maintain the quality, look and feel of the product... they've done a great job! But, its still nice to sit on the beach and wistfully remember the "good old days".

    Keep up the good work Couples! Yeah, I'm no fan of the big changes to our home away from home; but I am appreciative of the MB, at least most of the time.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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