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    Does anyone know how much it cost to have a limo take you from the airport to the resort? We are staying at CSA.

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    We took a LIMO from MBJ airport to a resort in Negril last year. I cannot remember the name of the company, but cost was around $400. For that price, the driver had Red Stripe on ice for us, a bottle of Appleton Rum and several cokes. We also tipped the driver, in addition to the $400....I think around $50. If I had to do it over again, I would have used Timair instead. I got REALLY car sick riding in the back of the limo over the bumpy, windy roads and I sort of felt like all of the locals noticed the "American Who Took The Limo". It really would have been so much more fun to be on the bus. Also, the limo was clean and worked well, but it was probably a late 1970's model. Hope this helps you.

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    Yes, this helps. If we are going to pay $400 for an old limo we might as well put that money toward the airplane. I would much rather be there in 15 minutes.

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