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    Default CSA Diving Questions??

    I am going to CSA in November for my honeymoon. I am thinking about taking my PADI courses before my visit. Will the resort allow me to do my OW dives at the resort to get my full certification? Would it be smarter to complete everything (classes and OW dives) before my visit or do everything at the resort? I would rather do my dives in Jamaica because all the open water dives in my area (Houston) are in cloudy water. Any and all info will help. Thanks in advance for the help!

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    You can do everything for your OWD cert at CSA. My hubby and I just did it in June. If you prefer you can go online and do the reading and take the test before you get to CSA so that you don't have to study on your vacation. Just google PADI online certification to find out more. Then when you get to CSA you will just have to do the pool work and the open water dives.

    We did not do that and it was no problem getting the work done at CSA. I actually enjoy learning and it was fun to study Scuba Diving.

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    Great info! I may have to do this...

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    Thanks for the info. So if I do the class online before I go how long is the pool dives and other dives? Same day or do pool dive one day and other dives on seperate days? Just curious how many days I should plan to get certified.

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    It depends on the level of certification you want. I did Open Water Diver, OWD, which required 2 pool sessions and I think 4 ocean dives. Advanced Open Water takes more. PADI Scuba Diver takes less, I think 2 pools and 2 dives. It depends on what you want.

    With Scuba Diver you can go to a depth of 40 feet but must always dive with a Dive Master. It is like a resort certification. OWD you can go to 130 feet (though that would be rare and with more experience and training) and you can go on your own. You can get your air tanks filled with OWD at a dive center too.

    I know Advanced OWD involved going to a greater depth and learning more skills, but someone else will have to chime in with the specifics.

    For OWD we did one pool and one or two dives on the first day. It is up to you how fast you want to certify and how fast you pick up the skills. The second pool session and one or 2 dives happen on another day. It could be done in 2 days if you focus all your time and energy on it, or you can spread it over several days.

    At first I only signed up for the free resort dive. I loved it so I went for the first level of certification, Scuba Diver. I loved that too, and decided to go for OWD. I recommend doing it this way in baby steps.

    You get one free resort dive. If you choose not to certify you can go on more resort dives for $50. Certified divers do not pay to dive, and that is why I payed up and got certified. On my future trips to Couples, I am set to go all-inclusive on diving.

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    There have been several posts on this.
    The cheapest way would be to do the entire PADI cert. at the resort. (save the money toward another trip to coulples)
    Get the PADI manual from the local library, read it a few times before you go.
    Take the (free) resort course then sign up for the PADI certification. you'll spend a bit more time in the pool (post free resort class), and maybe an hour or so inside with the video/class work.
    You can "study" on the beach in the afternoon - but youll have already read the PADI OW manual so wont need to do too much.
    Then on for your Open Water dives. (entire thing takes about 2day maybe 3 to finish up the four required dives)
    As long as you are at the resort for 7 days no problem mon.

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