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    Default advice about Detroit Metro Airport

    I am not a frequent flyer and my hubby and I are going to couples in 62 more days. I was wondering if anyone has any advice about avoiding big airport parking fee's. This airport is about a 2 hour dive from our home and we dont have anyone to drive us to the airport so early in the am to catch our flight. Any tips?

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    U.S. Park costs about $11 per day; the lot is on Middlebelt Road. You park your car, and a shuttle takes you to the airport. You can get directions at its web site: There are generally coupons available on the web site that will lessen your cost.
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    check out They have some great packages where you can spend the night and leave your vehicle at the hotels for free. We used this last year when we flew out of Minneapolis and are booked again for our trip at the end of this week. It was great and prices very reasonable. Shuttle to and from airport and a good night's rest prior to your flight. You get a night in the hotel and it is actually less money than leaving your vehicle at the airport. Hope this helps.

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    We also use and find that for less than we would pay for airport parking (even long term) we can stay at a hotel the night before and take a shuttle to the airport.


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    Default Detroit Westin

    Very simple in our opinion. We book at the Detroit Westin. They make is unbelievably enjoyable and simple. Some of the other suggestions work too, but you need to get shuttled to the airport. The Detroit Westin is connected to the airport. The rooms are beautiful, hotel awesome and we enjoy sometime in the bar the night before. They usually have a park and fly package, so we can leave our car in March for 10 days with the valet (we only need eight) and it costs $139, I believe. The small motel/hotels nearby maybe a bit cheaper, but the Westin is a wonderful experience. As well, when you come down from your room the next morning, you go down a set of escalators and the doors open, and --- voila -- you're in the airport. Good luck.
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    There are lots of hotels at or near the airport that have deals for a nights stay and 8 days parking for your car. That is what we are doing when we go at the end of April. About 100 bucks will cover everything. Get your travel agent to do it for you or check out expedia

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    thanks so much found great price on the park sleep fly site.

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    Northern Gal is right - try the We got a room near O'Hare with 10 days parking for $83! Much cheaper than when we've gone other places just for a quick getaway!

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    We're leaving in May and my wife just booked a room at Spring Hill Detroit Metro.....$98.35 which includes free parking and shuttle. Free continental breakfast too.

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    We stayed at Fairfield Inn at the airport. The lady at the front counter gave us a parking coupon for the lot next door so all we had to do was move our car to the lot. We paid $11.00 instead of $88

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