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    Default Beachfront Verandah Suites at CSA

    Are all of these right on the beach? Are there any specific requests we should make? (better to be on upper or lower floor?)

    We LOVE staying right on the beach and relaxing on our own little porch, so I just want to make sure these rooms are indeed beachfront!

    Thanks for any clarification from BTDT!


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    We just got back from CSA last week. We always choose the beachfront verandah suites. For the price, you will not get any closer to the beach anywhere. They are, indeed, right on the beach path. You are literally steps away from the water.

    We like the upper floors because we go during the winter and like to sleep with our verandah doors open at night. I wouldn't do this in the summer, since it would be too hot to sleep without air conditioning. You also have a better chance of seeing the sunset from the third floor than the second or first floor (the palm trees do obstruct the view a bit).

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    Right on the beach. The only thing in front of the room is a sidewalk, palm trees, sand, loungers and the sea. If you want to go in and out to the beach from your verandah then go for a first floor. If you want privacy and hopefully a good view, go for third floor. You are going to love CSA.

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    Our first trip to CSA we booked a BFVS and loved it so much that for our return trip we have booked the same room category. We save and save and figure we stay as long as we can so lets book the room category we want, and not rely on an upgrade.

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    The only comment that I would make about the BFVS’s, and although this was not a complaint for us, it can be an issue for others, is the traffic along the pathway. That pathway is essentially the main walkway that everyone uses to get to either end of the resort. There is quite a bit of foot traffic from both guests and staff along there.

    Both my wife and I are people watchers, so we enjoyed the steady flow of people walking to and from places on the resort. It kept us entertained when we were out on the veranda relaxing. We can totally understand how this could detract from someone else’s experience though.

    And with all the traffic, you are somewhat exposed when you are out there in the nude. Being on the second floor though, we did it anyways!

    (We had towels on the railings…)

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    We were there Jan. 31-Feb. 7. We had room 4121......first floor BFVS,corner room. When we go back we will request this room. The traffic was not an issue, and we didn't hear voices or people walking and talking at night. We set our chairs up on the beach where we could see our verandah. We left the door unlocked, which made it very conveinent to go back to the room to use the bathroom or get something we had forgotten. The view was fantastic! It was closer to Patios, the Beach grill and Feathers; which is where we spent most of our evenings. In our opinion it was the best room and location. Enjoy!

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    Thanks for all the info everyone. We also booked BFVS and wasn't sure if it was the right choice. Now I'm very glad we did!

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    Your room sounds perfect. Did you have a good view from your verandah or the main benefit was the easy access to the the beach?

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    You will NOT be disappointed !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tooteep View Post
    Your room sounds perfect. Did you have a good view from your verandah or the main benefit was the easy access to the the beach?
    Our view was perfect !!!!!!

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    We leave on Saturday the 20th for CSA and had hoped to stay in a beachfront verandah suite but there weren't any available! We booked 5 months ahead so yes, book one'll love it. We are staying in a Oceanview verandah suite instead...which are still beautiful, but not directly on the beach. Enjoy!

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