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    Real quick question-

    Is there a bar in the main pool area? The self serve beer tap at Sea Grape will be great for Todd, but I'm not a beer drinker.

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    At the main pool (old section) there is a bar right outside of the pool In the pool outside the Great House (new section) there is a swim up bar.

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    From the pool, you are just steps from the main bar at the Palms, if that's the pool you're talking about. The pool at the other end of the property, at the Great House complex, has its own swimup bar. Then there is the olympic sized lap pool at the sports complex. There is also a bar there, but its not a full service booze bar. I think they do serve beer there, as well as the best smoothies on the property.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    There is a Bar IN the pool by the Greathouse and a Bar inside The Palms which is also near a pool....

    Seagrapes is a Veggie Grill - no alcohol, - the Beer Tap is near it along with a Soda Tap, but it's not part of the Grill.

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    Yes. Thers is a bar in the Palms which is by the main pool. There is Red Strip on tap at Sea Grapes next to the soft serve ice cream machine.

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    The very short answer is.... YES!! Though you may not even need to get up to access it. ;-)

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    Yes, they have a swim-up pool bar, on the other side of the resort from Sea Grapes however.

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    Not too many people hang out at the pool over by the Palms - used mostly for SCUBA instruction but there is a swim up bar that's half in the water and half out over by Patois. We spent a lot of time over in that pool area - it has a long pool with hot tubs on either end and a small waterfall pool area at the bar. You'll love it.

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    There is a beach bar just down from seagrapes and then the bar at the main pool. And dont forget flag service, you're never kept wanting if you just ask! Enjoy! Only 17 days and we wll be there.

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    There is a bar at the Palms and another on the beach that are both just steps away. You will never get too far from a bar at CSA.

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    The bar in Palms is very handy to the pool there. Across the street at the Sports Complex there is a bar next to the big pool. Be sure and try Ting!

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