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    Default Oceanfront Verandah Suites at CSA

    Are these truly oceanfront? Like walk out your doors to the beach?
    Any details anyone can provide would be great! We are just about to book and I want to make sure this room is worth it!


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    Default Oceanfront

    You will walk out your door and past the beachfront rooms. Here is a pic from our balcony and standing outside our building looking towards the beach.

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    No. They are actually just "Ocean Veranda Suites" and per the description: "Rooms with a partial view of the Caribbean Sea."

    If you want to walk out the doors to the beach, you need a Beachfront room, and really only the firts floor of those buildings will allow that "walk out to the beach" thing.

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    The Beachfront Verandah Suites are the rooms right on the beach. The Ocean Verandah Suites are the row of building behind the Beachfront. Most of the Ocean Verandah Suites have an ocean view, but not all of them. Good luck deciding.

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    Default Beachfront

    Yes! You literally take 10 steps out of your room and you are on the beach. We had both a first floor and a second floor (for a day), beachfront veranda suite. Both had benefits. On the second floor, you could keep your balcony doors open to hear the ocean, and it was a bit more private. On a first floor you couldn't keep your doors open. First floor rooms see moderate foot traffic, but I can't put into words waking up, pulling back the curtains and seeing a crystal clear caribbean sea right in front of us. Enjoying Blue Mountain coffee on your veranda looking at on the beach-amazing! And just so you know, there really is no bad room here. Have a great trip. Once you go, you'll know!

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