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    Default more Air Jamaica drama

    I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or cancel our trip to CSA 4-11 thru 16. AJ says after the 4-11, no more Chicago to Jamaica (and vice versa) flights, but our 4-11 flight was still going to happen. However, our flight home on 4-16 was cancelled. So- after battling to find an alternative flight that wasn't way more expensive and didn't have really long layovers, I get a confirmation saying the new flight home with is confirmed (AJ was able to switch free of charge to a comparable priced AA flight with one stop and a 3 hour layover). THEN!!! Today I get an email saying our flight on 4-11 from Chicago to Montego Bay has been cancelled and we are now flying on 4-10! WTF!? Couples (both CSA and CN) are booked for that night and we have no where to stay the night of the 10th. Although Travelocity customer service is open 24/7, AJ is now closed at 6pm central time and they can not help me until they speak with AJ. The operator kept telling me 'don't worry'. Easier said than done. So I will wait to see if AJ customer service is open on Sundays and hopefully figure something out. We booked AJ as they were the only non stop flights on the days we needed and they had awesome departure times. This is so aggravating. Thanks for letting me vent!

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    The crazy thing is, when you go on their website to pull up a package,they still have the same flights and times listed. I'm flying out of Baltimore and going to book for November, I was told by AJ that the flight times are changing, not leaving BWI until 3pm and arriving in Montego bay at 5:15 pm, but their website still shows the 7am departure from BWI. I'm booking with Air tran, their November prices will be out first week of March. I feel for you guys.

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    I've said this before, but it bears repeating... no need to get hung up on a non-stop direct flight! The closest non-charter direct flight for us (Green Bay/Appleton area of Wisconsin) is Chicago... nearly a four (plus) hour drive. So unless we do an overnight, we are limited to using one or two stop flights.

    In eight visits to Jamaica, we've been significantly delayed only once, and that was out of Detroit... which was the "direct" portion of our flight. My point is that we are all subject to the need for safely operating equipment, unpredictable weather, and such, whether we are flying non-stop or otherwise. So don't rule this out.

    Also, you might want to look into an overnight stay in MoBay. It will add extra cost, to be sure. I don't know if you are ready to accept the alternative (cancelling).

    Good luck to you and all who are victims of the AJ "crash".

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Melly --

    ARRRRGH!! we had something similar happen with our charter flight from STL-MBJ in December. Our TA worked a miracle for us, even though we were still short one night.

    If AJ is not helpful for your first night on 4/10, hopefully Travelocity will find a hotel for you in MoBay then catch the Couples shuttle first thing in the a.m.

    What a mess -- hope it works out for you -- we know how you feel!

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    Don't stress! If you can fly that day just stay at Tobys near the airport for the night, cheap and clean.

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    i totally understand your frustration, the Air Jamaica changes have caused a lot of stress for many travelers. we used to be able to get a non stop out of St.Louis and we now drive to Memphis for one. However we do enjoy the night in Memphis on both ends of the trip.


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    Do what we did...CANCEL AJ ALL TOGETHER and go direct on AA! IF you still can...there is also a direct out of midway on air tran.

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    we booked an extra night at CN (the rest of our trip is at CSA). We didn't plan on spending the extra money, but from what I have read on the MB, it will be worth it. I totally can not handle another change in my itinerary. I am not a fan of change, especially when it involves large amounts of money and my only vacation for the year! I am afraid to open my email fearing there will be an email changing my flight again, lol.

    The main thing that makes me angry- is that AJ said my flight going to Jamaica would NOT be effected when they changed my return flight, and 2 days later it was cancelled. If it would have happened all at once, wouldn't have been so bad. I am done venting on this subject- for real this time. Thanks for listening and sharing in my pain, lol.

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    thankfully we were able to switch to us 3000 the times coming back kind of stink but we will be there alittle earlier so we are still fine. we had to switch to sunday to sunday which is different for us since we always went sat. to sat. I sure will miss the good flights with airjamaica and hope all the nice employees that we met don't lose their jobs and can be filtered into the new places they fly more often.

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    It's all good maybe we'll run into you at CSA...I'll "buy" ya a Bob Marley shot! LOL

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    I really feel for you and so I hate to bring this up, but....April 10 is still 2 months off, and if it were me, I would have some contingency plan in case the situation with AJ continues to deteriorate. Just a little insurance that you hopefully and most likely won't have to use.

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