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    Default Massages at CSS?

    Can either my husband or I get a solo massage on SSB in the massage hut or is that for couples massages only?

    Do you have to be au natural to walk to the hut? I am wanting a massage on the beach.

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    We were just there in November/December and I don't recall there being a "massage hut" on SSB. As far as I knew the only place you could get a massage was over at the Salon by Charlie's Grotto and the Mineral Pool. I would have to think I spent 9 days on SSB and never saw the "massage hut"


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    I thought I saw another post that mentioned an area on SSB for massages.??? instead of the cliff..
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    Default Massages on SSB

    After looking through some threads..I did see those who had massages on SSB...I was assuming they were in a hut.???

    Are they simply on a table on the sand on SSB? Are they solo or couples only?

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    SSB has a roofed area to the right with a couple tables where massages can occur. It is on the right side of the beach area. They are not enclosed huts.

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    There is massages on SSB on the right side as you walk into the area. We have been there 5 times and my wife gets one on the beach everytime we are there and her loves it. There's nothing like it, eat a great lunch on the beach, have a couple of drinks and then a massage on the beach what a day.........

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