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    Default Flying from mb to cn????

    We are interested in flying rather than taking the shuttle from MB to CN. How do we go about setting that up? Do we do that now, or when we land??????


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    Do it NOW. If you make a reservation, the airline will schedule a flight. If you wait until after you land, there might not be a plane or pilot immediately available, in which case there would be a wait.

    Go to to make your reservation. The cost will be just over $400 for the two of you round trip.

    After you land and go through immigration and customs, you'll proceed to the Couples lounge. Check in, and tell the staff member that you're flying on Tim Air. Keep your luggage with you; don't let them put it with the luggage that they're going to put on the next shuttle. They'll contact Tim Air, and an agent will come to the lounge to retrieve you (and your luggage) and walk you outside to a van that will transport you to the other terminal. You'll pay for your flight at that terminal and will be escorted to the plane.

    The flight is very short, less than 15 minutes, and you'll get to see CN from the air. When you land, you can have Tim Air contact CN to send a car to get you, or you can accept a ride from one of the numerous cars waiting for arriving guests. We usually just accept a ride from one of them.

    CN is actually so close that you could walk to it, so you'll be at the resort in a matter of minutes. Have a great trip.

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    Thanks for all of the information Pamela. I have gone ahead and booked our flights! Not a big fan of flying in general, but it should be great to see CN from the air, and the flight is short so I should be fine....

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